Chapter 02 - Your Role as Founders


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A short chapter that gives a very good idea what it takes to be a founder or co-founder of a community.


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Creating a Life Together:

Creating a Life Together Chapter Two

Overview – 1st Six Chapters:

Overview – 1 st Six Chapters 1. The Successful 10%, and Why 90% Fail 2. Your Role as Founder 3. Getting off to a Good Start 4. Community Vision - What It is & Why You Need It 5. Creating Vision Documents 6. Power, Decision-making, and Governance

Your Role as Founder:

Your Role as Founder What you need: vision; education; research; work; belief Who does it: visionaries; leaders; motivators; risk-takers; entrepreneurs; physical builders Need a “personal recipe” for founders to follow

Recipe for Growing Int. Communities:

Recipe for Growing Int. Communities Imagine, visualize, or feel something that doesn’t exist yet Inspire yourselves and those that join you to believe your particular vision is possible and that you can make it happen Use entrepreneurial skills to do all this within your estimated budget and time frame Use labor, tools, and energy to create the physical expression of your vision on your property

Five Qualities Your Group Needs:

Five Qualities Your Group Needs Patience Faith Good communication skills Tenacity Willingness to acknowledge others

Words of Caution:

Words of Caution “Why would anyone want to go through all this?” “Why don’t they just join one?” It’s at least as difficult as it is rewarding “If I had any idea how hard this would be I never would have done it!” “Don’t be so realistic that you scare them off.”

Words of Encouragement:

Words of Encouragement “The idealism, dreams, and devotion, while still here, have given ground to the practical and real experience of living in community – the good, the bad and the ugly. Community is seeping into our cells, I believe, so that even the challenges become just part of who we each are. Cooperative culture is gaining ground over our individual upbringing in competition; slowly, we are giving up the need for absolute control. We set out to change our world, and now community is changing us.”

Questions for Co-founders:

Questions for Co-founders What do I want to do? Why am I doing this? What skills, assets, or knowledge do I have or need that will contribute toward group development?

Creating a Life Together:

Creating a Life Together Discussion

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