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This is a brief introduction to our process for forming an Ecovillage. We are in the very early stages of formation. It includes what kind of approach you should have to be part of the process of creating community, and a listing of the upcoming presentations and subjects. Immediately after this we went around the room and everyone introduced themselves.


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Introduction Rural Communities & Ecovillages

Today’s Agenda:

Today’s Agenda Introductions Go around the room one by one Presentation To help focus discussion Contain useful information, not decisions Make note of subjects you want to discuss Discussion Everyone can contribute We need to get to know one another Review, & discuss ideas for improving meetings

Various Projects:

Various Projects Many projects to choose from Other communities in the US Community garden in Dallas Terry’s community Email discussion groups Radhanatha’s land Hamsadutta & Savitri’s land We can all work together


Differences Differences of opinion Different natures Different stages of life Personality quirks, desires, needs, strengths, weaknesses Get to know each other Could be more than one community

Some Local History:

Some Local History Under the guidance of Srila Tamal Krishna Goswami, we purchased land in 1980 Southern Oklahoma was central within the existing zone (4 main cities) Zone was split Financial burden was too great Devotees devastated

More History:

More History Srila Tamal Krishna Goswami wrote a letter to several devotees in 1990 (Read letter) Very inspiring for anyone interested Personal confirmation of the direction I had been going

Recent History:

Recent History Several years of planning My tendency is ready, aim, aim, aim… Others involved Various devotees

Conditions Today:

Conditions Today Hundreds and thousands of people are interested: In organic produce, gardening, and farming In more natural lifestyles In “going green” and “sustainability” In reducing humanity’s destruction of the earth and exploitation of people In local food and local enterprise The time is ripe

Time to Act:

Time to Act Bhaktimarg Swami: “it surely cannot get worse” Mukunda Datta: “it would take 5 earths” People are more informed than ever People are fed up and want change Corporations have already jumped on the bandwagon Conditions really are getting worse Don’t wait until it is too late


Expansion Dallas temple and community is one of the best in the West Wonderful community Stable management Involvement by a variety of people We can expand into a sister community A sister community will add strength at this time, not reduce it Otherwise some devotees move elsewhere

What is Most Important?:

What is Most Important? Srila Prabhupada: “Your love for me will be shown by how you cooperate together” “Do the needful” These two statements should be the backbone of every community Above and beyond this is the practice of Krsna consciousness


Outlook How should we be thinking in these discussions? What should be our approach? We all have our natures, personal desires, motives, pesonality quirks and so forth Acting on these alone can produce disagreement and conflict Try to think about what will work for others, for everyone, as if you were establishing a community for a lot of other people

Unlimited Reasons:

Unlimited Reasons Foremost among them is: Srila Prabhupada’s mission Our own spiritual lives Future generations Helping the general public First comes discussion, agreement, and planning Then execute the plans Let us try to lovingly cooperate, and do the needful !

List of Presentations:

List of Presentations Rural Communities & Ecovillages Support for Communities Creating Community Providing Necessities - Water Providing Necessities - Food Providing Necessities - Shelter Community Layout Energy Resources Modern Economic Systems Community Economics Financial Requirements Creating a Sustainable Future

Next: Introductions:

Next: Introductions - Introduce yourself - Background or relevant experience - What you would like to see happen - How you see yourself participating

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