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What Is PTC Sites?:

What Is PTC Sites? Make Money With PTC From Home

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Many people are asking and searching how to earn money online, I am also getting a lot of mail from people asking about online money making method, as many of you people know that there are a lot of methods through which a person can make good money. Today I am giving you one of the simple ideas through which you people can earn a good amount of money, without investing a cent.

PTC (Paid to click website). :

PTC (Paid to click website). PTC site are same like Google Adsense or Clicksor, but the main difference is that PTC site provides direct user to any website in a short period of time for getting high Alexa rank, The companies that commonly advertise on PTC sites are Hyip (high yield investment program), affiliate marketer, Traffic exchange companies, Web sites like GMI etc. So they receive good amount of visitor to their product or website in a short period of time. Interested people purchase or invest in that project and so through this process the companies as well as the members earn money. Now I am going to share the brief info on PTC sites:

What Is PTC? :

What Is PTC? PTC (Paid to click) is simply an internet business structure that generates online traffic from people trying to earn money from home. Paid-To-Click, or simply PTC websites, act as middlemen between advertiser and user; the advertiser will pay for showing ads on the PTC web site, and a part of this payment goes to the audience when he views that advertisement. When becoming a member of PTC sites, you always have the possibility to become an affiliate or a marketer on the website. The advertiser will pay the PTC web site owner, then the PTC web site will pay you, everyone is a champion. The advertiser gets more visitors to its web page, the PTC website and you generate income.


OR A PTC (Paid to click) is a website that pays for his registered members for the ads they click and view for some time (30-60 second) on a daily basis. I hope the next picture will give you good concept how it work:

How It Work? :

How It Work? 1- First you need to register yourself on the PTC website 2- After Registration Log in to your account you will see a new window that will show the detail of your account. 3- On the upper side you will see a category with the name of view ads or surf ads. 4- Click on the ad category, a new window will appear that will show different ads from different advertiser. 5- Now you need to click on one ad and popup new menu will be open that will show the advertiser website, you will need to wait and see that ad from 10-30 second (Note: Do not open all ads at once). 6- With this way of seeing ads you will get 1 cent for every ad you watch. 7- After you have done it you cannot click them anymore. You must need to wait for 24 hours. Then you can simply just click your browse ad web page again all ads which are available to just click for you. 8- Better will be if you hire or refer other people, through this method you will earn a good amount of money in a short time period (Below a brief info is available about referral).

How will I earn money and how much I can earn? :

How will I earn money and how much I can earn? It is difficult to provide an exact amount, your income will be established by your capability to simply click on the available links regularly and your capability to encourage other people to be a part of the PTC site under you (referrals). In PTC persistency is the main key.

Your Clicks :

Your Clicks You will not generate 10$ per day alone on your first day. Most PTC sites offer 1 cent per click and have 4 or more ads on a daily basis. In that case, you would be making 4 cents per day from that website.

Your Referrals :

Your Referrals You would also be generating revenue for the clicks of your referrals. Referrals are the people you invited (called direct referrals) and signed up under your referral link or people already authorized on the website which the website leases (give you on rent) to you for 30 days or more for a sum of cash you will pay (called rented referrals). Every website has its own policy regarding referrals, so you should check that on their terms of the specific segments.

The key to generating revenue from these PTC sites :

The key to generating revenue from these PTC sites is the quality and not quantity. If you be a part of up to 10 PTC sites and just click with the same rate, 4-10 clicks per day, you will generate 10 times as fast as you would on one web site. The thinking is very simple: the more the better. Quantity primes but fantastic indicate a lot too. Some PTC sites offer 50 +ads daily, which is 50 cents per day. These are the type of sites you are looking for but they are rare. And one of them is WWW.WISHEXTRA.COM

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