Sewage Treatment Plant Process

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The sewage treatment plan is the procedure for wiping out contaminations from metropolitan wastewater and essentially contains family unit wastewater and some modern wastewater. The physical, compound, and natural procedures are utilized to expel contaminations and deliver treated sewage that is adequately protected to be discharged into the earth.


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Process Of Sewage Water Treatment Plant

What Is Sewage Treatment Plants And How They Work ?:

It is one of the sewage treatment plant methods designed to store contaminated water in specially designed compartments. The plant goes through the steps of extracting waste from the wastewater inflow. What Is S ewage T reatment P lants A nd H ow T hey W ork ?

Sewage/Wastewater Is Processed In Several Stages:

1 . Preliminary Treatment 2. Primary Treatment 3. Secondary Treatment 4. Tertiary Treatment Sewage/Wastewater I s P rocessed I n S everal S tages

1. Preliminary Treatment :

Preliminary processing operations usually involve large filtering screens, sand removal and, in some cases, breakage of large objects. Excessive grit can cause severe pump blockage, affecting the subsequent treatment pump range. 1 . Preliminary Treatment

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2 . Primary Treatment The main purpose of this sewage treatment plant is to reduce organic and inorganic solids that settle on the floor by sedimentation while oil, grease and lighter solids float on the surface with skimming. The precipitated and suspended material removed and the remaining liquid is discharged or subjected to the next step.

3. Secondary Treatment :

3. Secondary Treatment This is also known as biological sewage treatment and is accomplished through spraying and activated sludge methods. In the sprinkler filter, water is sprayed with bricks in an enclosed space. This brick is covered with a microbial layer that oxidizes all impure substances. The activated sludge process involves adding microorganisms to sewage and aeration.

4. Tertiary Treatment:

4 . Tertiary Treatment The tertiary treatment generally follows the secondary treatment and helps to remove the wastewater component that can not be removed in the secondary treatment. Treated wastewater is sometimes disinfected chemically or physically before being released into the receiving environment.


Wastewater has a high BOD, reflective and total dissolved solids. Our goal is to make this water safe to be disposed of in the natural environment or used for other purposes Conclusion

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