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The Great Sphinx 浙江省永嘉县上塘中学 王挽澜


pharaoh Egypt the Abu Simbel Temple mummy pyramid


Puzzle Walking with four legs in the morning, but two legs at noon, and three in the evening, What is it?


Read the passage and answer the following questions. 1.Why was the Great Sphinx made? 2. What did people do to mend the Great Sphinx?


Read the text and decide whether the following statements are true or false. ( )1. Most people in Egypt now believe in Islam. ( )2. The Great Sphinx which guards the pyramids in Giza is thought to be the first Sphinx in Egypt. ( )3. Pharaoh Amenhotep II uncovered the Great Sphinx after sand had buried it. ( )4. It took archeologists over a hundred years to clear the sand away from the Great Sphinx. ( )5. The Great Sphinx stands perfect over 5000 years without any damage. T T F F T


Dialogue: The Great Sphinx and Egypt       Experts Host Audience (students) (teacher) (students)     Group2 Group4 Group6 Group1 Group3 Group5 Group7  


Tasks Group1 Ask questions about the Great Sphinx. Group2 An archeologist from Egypt. Gouup3 Ask questions about TIME, PEOPLE and EVENTS. Group4 A historian from Egypt. Group5 Discuss other antiquities(文物) and ancient buildings in Egypt. Group6 An American archeologist who has worked in Egypt for 20 years. Group7 Discuss the damage and protection of antiquities in Egypt.


The Great Sphinx and Egypt


The Museum of Qin Pottery Figures   The Museum of Qin Pottery Figure is some thirty kilometers east of Xi’an , capital of Shanxi Province. The museum includes the three underground vaults(墓穴) where life-size figures of warriors(武士)and chariots(战车)were discovered. Vault 1 was discovered by local peasants in 1974 . Built with earth and timber, it measures 210 meters long, 60 meters wide and 4.6 to 6.5 meters high . In this area of 12,600 square meters were found six thousand figures, life-size warriors and horses of terra-cotta. The soldiers are of a fairly uniform(统一的)height of 1.8 meters. Vault 2 and 3 containing warriors and wooden chariots were brought to light in 1976 . Unlike Vault 1, where the war chariots and foot soldiers are mixed, Vault 2 contains four separate units of chariots, cavalrymen(骑兵), archers(弓箭手)and foot soldiers. Again, the warriors carry real weapons. Vault 3 is a modest building more resembling a gallery. It has 69 pottery warriors with defensive weapons and a wooden chariot pulled by four magnificent pottery horses. A modern building has been built over Vault 1.The Museum, has received nearly a million visitors from other parts of China and about thirty thousand from other lands. The vaults of Qin Pottery Figures are honoured as the eighth wonder of the world. And in 1987 it was listed in Catologues of the World’s Legacy.


CULTURAL LEGACY(文化遗产) ECONOMY RELIGION HIGH-TECH TOURISM Writing: Work in a group of eight. Find a topic you are most interested in,for example, culture legacy and tourism, and do a research, then write a report.

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