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TB Free : 

TB Free Nelson Mandela Aventis Project for Combating TB

To quote Mr. Mandela: 

To quote Mr. Mandela “South Africa has a history of overcoming the worst ills imaginable. Each and every person has a responsibility to assist in the call that we are needed. We are very happy to have found a strong partner in Aventis, working together with us, towards eradicating TB in South Africa.” Nelson Mandela Johannesburg, 22 April 2002


One Demand In South Africa TO BE TUBERCULOSIS FREE


Contents Statement of need Commitment to TB TB Problem TB Partnership and project governance Progress to date Benefits Conclusion Further requirements

Tuberculosis: A Killer: 

Tuberculosis: A Killer Single biggest killer along side HIV/ AIDS, and growing. Low cure rates of 65%, despite a WHO and South African objective of 85% YET THIS IS A CURABLE DISEASE - UNLIKE AIDS

TB in South Africa : 

TB in South Africa in 2001: 424 per 100 000 people – total 188 695 cases in 2002: 494 per 100 000 people – total 224 000 cases (Note: Overall notification rate for Africa in 2002 was 147 per 100 000 people!) Expected to increase in 2003 & 2004, due to effects of HIV and other factors in 2006: TB would reach epidemic proportions in South Africa, unless action is taken Then Now Future

TB Challenge : 

TB Challenge Go for a TB Free South Africa Increase TB cure rates to reach WHO target of 85% To ensure accurate recording and reporting of TB case detection rates. Directly Observed Short Course Therapy Will Be The Means To Our Goal


Vision “A TB Free South Africa”. This vision will be realized through increased TB awareness, dedicated trained treatment supporters, patient access to information about the disease and their own progress, patient compliance with treatment requirements

Demonstrated Commitment: 

Demonstrated Commitment Conceptualized TB Free Partnership with Nelson Mandela Foundation, Aventis, Aventis Foundation and Government of SA (Department of Health) Donation of 15 million euros over a five-year period from pharma company Aventis Established organization and infrastructure to realize TB Free Vision (»Nelson Mandela Aventis Project for Combating TB Association incorporated under section 21«)

Why the Nelson Mandela Foundation?: 

Why the Nelson Mandela Foundation? Mr. Mandela has requested this life-saving initiative The South African people and the world believe in him Demonstrated commitment to cause of the poor and oppressed The success of the Nelson Mandela children foundation A unique opportunity to partner with this living legend

Why the Aventis Foundation ?: 

Why the Aventis Foundation ? German charitable trust established by Aventis, a world leader in pharmaceuticals Promotes civil society organizations and civic activities, with a focus on healthcare The »Aventis Foundation Sustainable Healthcare Project« supports exemplary and urgent initiatives that improve the provision of basic healthcare: A perfect fit with TB Free Vision

Targeted Beneficiaries: 

Targeted Beneficiaries TB Patients DOT Supporters Professional Health Workers Communities through Advocacy

Alignment with Government: 

Alignment with Government TB FREE supports the National Tuberculosis Control programme and the WHO targets of a 70% case detection rate (within target) 85% cure rate (currently 65%) 5% treatment interruption rate (currently 13%) These targets have to be met by 2005 according to the Medium Term Development Plan (MTDP) of the South African government.

Project Scope: 

Project Scope Increase TB awareness through advocacy and social mobilisation Establish fixed centres of excellence in all 9 provinces Establish mobile units attached to each centres of excellence Build training capacity to train DOT supporters Implement systems and infrastructure for management and monitoring of the project

Progress to date: 

Progress to date TB Free organization established to implement the project 4 locations for the fixed centres of excellence have been identified refurbishment is in progress (Gauteng Province, Kwazulu Natal, Northwest and Northern Cape Provinces) Training arrangements for DOT supporters are advanced Training materials are available and ready for use Advocacy programme is being finalized TB Free nominated to be an example of an ideal Public-Private Partnership for TB control

Why this partnership is working: 

Why this partnership is working TB is a top health priority of the South African government We have developed a bottom-up concept. The people have spoken! DOTS initiative is a proven working strategy. The concept is measurable and practical Aventis and Aventis Foundation are committed to this life-saving programme Nelson Mandela believes in it and supports the programme


A Commitment to Life

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