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Supporters Direct : 

Supporters Direct Notts County 09.07.2005

Svend Elkjaer Sports Marketing Network : 

Svend Elkjaer Sports Marketing Network Dane, handball, publishing, events, excitement, creative, bad manager, even worse politician, Bedford, own consultancy business...

Skål : 


Bedford Athletic RUFC : 

Bedford Athletic RUFC No 2 in Bedford, ‘Old’ committee… Danish lunch, Ladies lunch, Seven a Side, emails, welcoming

The Sports Marketing Network : 

The Sports Marketing Network Commercial and marketing issues within sports and sports clubs of all sizes. It is about ‘How to make your sports club more viable, vibrant and visible’ Sharing best practice across all sports

What is SMN: 

What is SMN Newsletter Reports Guides Surveys Conferences Sister companies: ProWIS – Promoting Women in Sport Unique Sports Participation – Helping sport to grow participation

The life cycle of a Trust : 

The life cycle of a Trust Your brand and your communication changes at each stage Growth Time 1. Dissatisfaction 2. Formation 3. Growth/Formalising 4. Take over Club/Revitalise Lack efforts/purpose


Grow your profile and then your gate and then see your sponsors come flocking in…

Step 1: : 

Step 1: 3Com Model: COMmunity, COMmunication, COMputers Community marketing programmes – Packaging the passion Making your club vibrant, visible and viable ‘Can do’ clubs vs. ‘Can’t do’ clubs What experience/brand are you producing?

Step 2: : 

Step 2: Produce SWOT (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats) analysis Who are our existing and potential supporters/customers? What do they want? Where they come from (geographically/socio-economic) How to promote to them, attract them to the ground and build up databases. Understanding the needs of different segments Providing the right customer experience - remember people have an alternative

Step 3: : 

Step 3: Using promotions linked to data collection Moving the new customers along the ticket continuums from ‘’taste’ to advocates. Data capture: How do you capture people’s contact details. How to analyze the data. Ways of communicating with people on your database

Step 4: : 

Step 4: Recruiting and retaining volunteers How do you get things done? An idea is only worth anything if it implemented. Business partners could help you with design, printing, etc.

Step 5: : 

Step 5: Generate sponsorship and advertising revenue We are developing partnerships with businesses. Fundraising is a one-way activity What are we selling? We need to sell the result of the sale, not just the product. Understand the different cultures and motives of potential sponsors.

Step 6: : 

Step 6: How to Package the Passion. The more you know about your fans, the more active you are in the community, the better you are as a club, the less difficult it is to attract sponsors. Think outside the box

Some ideas for social events:: 

Some ideas for social events: Mother's/Father's Day lunches (involve your Mini/Junior section)(involve CAMRA) Auction of Promises Food and Wine Festival Casino Fun Night Lottery for local residents (Leeds Rhinos make £1.1m per year) Award Ceremony (Player of the Year) Racing Night Stars in Your Eyes Summer Ball (Black tie/live music) Five-a-Side (with local businesses and pubs) Mini/Junior Festival Halloween Kids Party Quiz Night Ladies Lunch Half time raffle 100/200 Club Monthly network meetings for local businesspeople

Thank you… Let’s stay in touch:: 

Thank you… Let’s stay in touch: Svend Elkjaer Sports Marketing Network 4 Restormel Close Bedford MK41 8PA Tel: 01234 364 844 Fax: 01234 403 797 Email:

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