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10 Steps To Effective Fat Loss

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2 Copyright Legal Notice and Disclaimer: This publication is protected under the US Copyright Act of 1976 and all other applicable international federal state and local laws and all rights are reserved including resale rights: you are not allowed to give or sell this Guide to anyone else. Please note that much of this publication is based on personal experience and anecdotal evidence. Although the author and publisher have made every reasonable attempt to achieve complete accuracy of the content in this Guide they assume no responsibility for errors or omissions. Also you should use this information as you see fit and at your own risk. Your particular situation may not be exactly suited to the examples illustrated here in fact it’s likely that they won’t be the same and you should adjust your use of the information and recommendations accordingly. Any trademarks service marks product names or named features are assumed to be the property of their respective owners and are used only for reference. There is no implied endorsement if we use one of these terms. Finally use your head. Nothing in this Guide is intended to replace common sense legal medical or other professional advice and is meant to inform and entertain the reader. So have fun with the 10 Steps and get your stuff done.

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4 10 Steps to Effective Fat Loss Introduction My name is Luke and I have been teaching fat loss techniques for over ten years now and have learnt the process is actually a simple one. I used to believe it was quite complicated to understand but after ten years of experience you realize its not complicated at all. There are so many things that can cause fat gain too many to go into in this Ebook but I at least wanted to give you ten of the ones I find have helped my clients over the years. Before we get into it I first want you to understand that none of this is possible if you dont have the right mindset. If you dont change the way you think of food and realize that there is a problem in your current diet that is causing this fat gain then all the tips in this Ebook will have little effect. There are many things that can add fat to your body but your mindset is the first thing that that starts the process to get rid of it. Once you have your mind set to lose weight you will do whatever it takes to achieve it. But you must take responsibility that you are the way you are currently because of the choices you made and until you realize this and make a positive decision to change it noting will help. No advice no diet nothing. Its not my intention to be mean but after ten years of saying the same thing to many people looking for the same goal you have to be stern and force this point home. Below are 10 tips you can do now to start to start to burn fat but always keep in the back of your mind I Need To Change What I Am Doing Today

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5 1. Goal Setting Setting an appropriate realistic goal is one of the most important and least utilized parts of a fat loss plan. Without knowing how much fat you want to lose and by when you cant build an effective plan. Now I am the first one to admit I dont like scales. I see people using them every day and see them elated one day when they have lost 2 pounds but then dejected the next when they have put on 3 pounds. Scales dont tell you how much fat weight bad you have and how much lean tissue good that you have. This is important and I dont want you to ignore this as I have seen many people give up because of what the scales tell you. The best indicators of fat loss are either getting someone to use skin callipers on you or if youre by yourself simply use a measuring tape and measure a few certain parts of the body and check weekly. So now I want you to write down what your specific goals are right now regarding your body. What would be an ideal realistic weight you would be comfortable at Now I want you to pick a time scale that would be an appropriate time frame to hit. So now we need to put them together. So for example lets say I weigh 160 pounds and wanted to get down to 130 and I wanted to get there in lets say 6 months thats 30 pounds to lose in 6 months. 30 lbs / 24 weeks 1.25 pounds per week So I would need to lose 1.25 pounds of fat per week to hit my goal in 6 months. Heres something you need to know. There is 3500 calories in one pound of fat. So I would need to get rid of 4375 calories per week or 625 if you were to split it down daily. Whenever you have something sugary like a cake for example you have to put that on top of your daily total. Now I never want you to get to the point of counting calories and weighing yourself daily because it takes away the enjoyment of food. But knowing that I would need to lose 625 calories a day and then think its ok to have a cappuccino and Victoria sponge is just crazy. You absolutely cannot lose 625 calories of fat daily if you continue to put excess sugary calories in your body yes this does mean alcohol because you have to put those excess calories on top of your daily calorie burn rate.

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6 So lets work your goal out together: Current Weight CW Ideal Weight IW Time Period TP CW - IW cw minus iw how many pounds you need to lose PTL Divide time period into days 6 months 180 days for example PTL - TP The answer is what I want you to keep with you and remember every day. So when you think about having a cake or a glass of wine please remember this will only add to your fat calories.

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7 2. Know What Youre Eating Only by understanding what food does to your body can you begin to change it. Im not talking about becoming a nutritionist and know how many calories are in a gram of protein but a person should know the difference between what is a protein and what is a carbohydrate. When you know this its a lot easier to make healthy food choices. There is one simple way of remembering this I learnt it from Paul Chek if one of his books: Protein Used to have eyes Carbohydrates Never had eyes What do I mean by this The best sources of protein come from animal sources so animals had eyes hence animal source is primarily protein and fat but we wont go into detail with that now. So any type of meat eggs cheese milk. All of these came from animals so they will have a high protein content. Carbohydrates are foods which you didnt get from animal things that were grown from the ground or from trees hence no eyes. There are vegetable sources high in protein which are ideal for vegetarians. Here is a list of 10 good sources of vegetable protein: Now when you go shopping and are looking to limit carbohydrates especially ones high in sugar it makes your decision making a lot easier. Knowing the basics of what group a food is from helps the fat burning process as you would find yourself cutting out foods you thought were good for you but turned out to be adding to your fat stores.

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8 3. Keep A Food Diary If you can find the time and I highly recommend you do start to write down what you eat into a food diary you can easily Google food diary template to find one you can print off. Having the food and drink you have consumed over a seven day period in front of your eyes makes it so much clearer to see what is going in your body. Most people I have found simply do not realize what they eat and how much of it on a daily basis. Writing it down should give you a huge realization and appreciation of what the problem is. Sometimes its the quality of the food other times its the quantity and on real bad occasions its both which is causing the weight gain. If you dont realize where the problem is how can you fix it Thats what were trying to do find the problem make sure you can see it then help your change it. Im sure you know most foods that do you no good but when you can see how much you eat per meal followed by how many glasses of wine then how many deserts should give you enough to information to want to change your diet. You can work this out yourself as most is self explanatory or you can work with experts who will go through your diet and explain in detail what is happening.

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9 4. Exercise Keeps You Slim So now you know how many fat calories you need to lose daily this is going to be a big part of how you lose it exercise. Gyms around the world have never been more popular with more and more people looking to lose the weight they have taken years to put on. But the sad truth is most either exercise wrong or dont put anywhere near the amount of effort needed to burn sufficient calories. It is possible to burn hundreds of excess calories during and after an effective training program. But doing it through use of your muscles is key. Muscle is one of the most important factors in burning fat its like your bodys oven and the calories are like its fuel. The bigger the oven the more fuel it needs so the bigger or more toned your muscles are the more fat calories your body will burn. This can be a tough one to get your head around especially for women as many wrongly believe they will look like Xena the warrior princess but it is pretty impossible to get to that stage without extra help shall we say. This image I think explains it all Now there is something very important I want you to understand when it comes to exercise and fat loss and can be explained simply below: Long Steady State Exercise Weight Loss Short Hard Intense Exercise Fat Loss Whats the difference Fat loss is what you are after this is where your body chooses to burn fat whereas weight loss usually occurs from a loss of muscle mass which is certainly not what you are looking for. So again short hard intense exercise where you push your muscles to work very hard is the best way to burn fat by using weights mainly. Oh course you cant just pick up light weights

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10 and do 50 or 100 reps and think you will get the same results. If you really want to burn as much fat as you can when you exercise with weights remember the following: Intensity + Volume Intensity can be defined as the amount of effort you put into each set. So if you were completing 4 sets of 12 repetitions for example then you need to make sure you pick a weight where you cant do a 13th rep not light enough to do 25 reps. You have to push the muscles intensity is key. Volume is the amount of work you do in a session or for us how many sets you do. Without going into detail here there are many different programs you can do in the gym from doing whole body to training body parts but the main point to take away is to start to add a weight program to your weekly gym routine as often as you can and make sure every rep you do you push yourself and dont just stop early and make sure you do enough sets not just one set of each exercise and go home after 20 minutes. 5. Protein Shakes For Snacks Everyone struggles with this one what to eat when youre out. If youre out up town going on a car journey or have just finished training at the gym and need something healthy to eat it can be difficult. Protein drinks are a very good way of feeding the body with what it needs especially useful after a training session or when out and about as they are convenient enough to store in a small bag. There are two kinds of shakes you can choose from depending on what you training goals are. You have protein shakes these are extremely low in carbohydrates and are ideal for weight loss. Then you have the ones loaded with carbohydrates which are suited for people for people looking to gain weight. These you will want to avoid if you really want to lose fat. There are many brands of protein shakes some offer high quality products some are a little poor of quality so finding one with natural ingredients that provide everything you need is key. You should look for protein that is from a good vegetable source like pea chick pea or hemp and make sure it is suitable for vegans and vegetarians for quality purposes contain fibre and limited sugar of course. Also Gluten free if you can find one Its difficult to find a product that has everything needed in one so you can Google protein shakes and check the reviews.

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11 6. Limit The Rubbish This is where most of your fat calories come from the foods and drinks that give absolutely nothing to the body apart from excessive sugar and weight gain. I know a lot of people with a sweet tooth I have one myself and know when you get a sugar craving its hard to say no. But thats what makes the difference. Again it comes down to a choice. Do I let my taste buds control my food choices NO Yes it is fine to have the things we enjoy but in moderation. I have seen many a diet where people believe moderation is one glass of wine a night instead of a bottle or not having mayonnaise on their burger. If this is how you think youre going to lose weight then youre in for some disappointment. I know how hard it can be to get the results you want but your perfect body is there if youre willing to put in the effort and change your lifestyle to get it. But it does start with small steps not giant leaps. This is worth a read its an article about what sugar does to your brain. Its a very good read your.html.U-ub3_ldUgc

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12 7. Keep your Vitamins Topped Up These are so underestimated in ones diet especially from people who are trying to lose fat. Vitamins and minerals are like the little workers in your body that you dont see but do massive amounts of work that keep you healthy and help you burning fat. People dont realize how important keeping your body healthy is to losing fat. There are so many vitamins and minerals the body needs everyday to go into in this Ebook but we will go over the most important ones that are needed for effective fat loss.  Vitamin B  Vitamin C  Vitamin D  Vitamin E  Folate or B9  Omega 3 There are others that aid in fat loss but these are the more important ones to include in your diet. You can get them from certain fruits and vegetables but normally contain only a fraction of the quantity you need daily. You can get them in supplement form from any health store in most cities but they vary greatly on quality and it can be quite difficult to get most of these vitamins and minerals in the same tablet. I have been using Juice Plus capsules for the last few years after being recommended to me so this is what I was advise you to start with. They do contain most of the above in different combinations of fruit vegetable and mixed berry ingredients that include Vitamin C Vitamin E and Folate as well as additional minerals. When taken daily over a long period of time your body heals and the fat burning process improves for the duration that you take the supplements.

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13 8. Dont Cut Calories This is probably the first and most popular thing people do when they choose to lose fat they cut calories out of their diet. Meaning they just stop eating and maybe have a piece of toast and an apple in a day. Im sure a few of you reading this can relate to this Your body needs food it needs it to survive. Every person needs a different amount of calories from food each day and is dependent on a number of factors. The minimum amount you need to survive is called you Basel Metabolic Rate BMR you would then add calories to this depending on how active you are in that day I will include a link in the email newsletter for you to find out what yours is. From here you would then make a deficit which will be explained in more detail in the newsletters. But this should just be a guide for you as I said I dont like counting calories to lose weight. When you get nowhere near the amount of calories the body needs it goes into something called starvation mode where the body holds onto your fat stores in the body as this is its most important tissue for keeping us alive and since there is only a limited supply of carbohydrates the body can store and then use the only thing left is to breakdown and use its own muscle as fuel the ever important muscle. Remember your body needs food its not a luxury you can choose to put in whenever you wish with whatever you wish.

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14 Getting to the stage of the body breaking down its own muscle will result in drastic Weight Loss because muscle weighs more than fat. So you jump on the dreaded scale and youre delighted because you have lost weight. But pretty much none of it would have been from fat. You will then most likely say "so what Im lighter who cares where its from" well it does matter. First of all a body which is lacking muscle looks awful Im sorry to say and secondly because its so difficult to stick to a drastic limited calorie diet a person will usually revert back to their old poor diet once they have achieved their chosen weight. But now you have limited muscle so your oven that will burn calories is now smaller a lot smaller so you begin to eat biscuits and drink wine again every night. What do you think will be the result Not only will you regain the weight you lost but will most likely put on more weight due to your calorie burning engine hardly working. And so starts the viscous circle of diet after diet yielding few results that last long term. So please eat not overeat but just eat the healthy food we will outline in our email follow up. Enjoy your food life is too short to focus on total restriction. 9. The 6:1 Ratio 6:1 is the ratio I tell all my personal clients 6 days clean eating and 1 day for you to do as you please. Now even the one day Im not entirely happy about giving you but it helps give you something to look forward to and helps as a reward if you have eaten well for the other 6 days.

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15 I dont start everyone off asking them to go from their usually poor diet to eating clean for 6 days in a row so we will do this over a few weeks. We will start with a 4:3 ratio. Thats 4 days eating clean and 3 days eating what you normally would. The week after you eat 5 days clean and the week after 6 days clean. When you get to this stage and maintain it you will continue burning fat for as long as you keep this as your new lifestyle. You have a few weeks to get used to it and then the one day you can eat what you like will be like heaven. You will look forward to it so much and enjoy it so much more and usually you will notice how sweet a lot of the food you were having is and how used to it you had become. Its really important to make this part of your everyday routine to get used to it so it becomes the norm and not something you wake up dreading. When you get to this stage fat loss becomes so easy and you do it without even trying. But it does take a decision from you to start with and to stick to. 10. Dont Give Up You have to be in it for the long haul. This is without doubt the most important point DONT GIVE UP I have been if fitness for over ten years and the one thing that stands out is people are all too easy to give up on their fat loss goals because its too much work in the gym or their diet is too healthy and doesnt include enough wine or chocolate. The body you dream of is waiting for you you just have to make a point to start clean eating then stick to it. Everyone has slip ups so dont berate yourself for it dont let it ruin your day or your week. This is a long term project and when you realize this it is a lot easier to manage. There are so many great tasting healthy foods to choose from once you begin eating them on a regular basis you probably wont even want the rubbish food anyway.

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16 Conclusion So there you have it 10 steps to effective fat loss. There are so many other points I could make but this is more than enough to get you started. It all comes down to you you can have all the information in the world and wont make a shred of difference if you do not apply and of it. Then once you have stick to it. Find the foods that work for you in the long term ones that you enjoy and dont turn your stomach with just the thought of it. If you want more information on fat loss and body shaping techniques click link below:

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