Best SEO plan 2019 On off page SEO (1)

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Best SEO plan 2019 On off page SEO (1) Best SEO plan 2019 On off page SEO (1)


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slide 1: Website Current Stats “ ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

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Some of the Competitors Stats given by client:- These are some of the keywords which I researched according to competitor ’s websites and You can add and remove the keywords I can make new keyword research as well. cricket wireless cricket wireless riverview fl

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cricket wireless clearwater fl samsung galaxy amp 2 cricket kpos cricket wireless cricket wireless careers cricket dealer near me cricket authorized dealer near me cricket wireless franchise cricket wireless near me Basic ON Page SEO Needs 1 Now a day ’s Google like the websites having SSL certificate installed so SSL is immediate need. 2 Need to Add the SEO optimized title tags for all the pages and blogs. 3 We need to add the SEO optimized ALT tags in all the images 4 We need to set the proper H1 tags for the home page and other pages like /careers/ /phones/ /Plans/ 5 We also need to set the location scripts in the website. 6 We need to add the Cache Pugins for faster loading time 7 Yoast SEO plugin or all in one SEO plugin for better SEO performance 8 Need to create the site map section 9 Also need to create the XML site map 10 After the proper keywords approval we need to set the keyword density 11 In the blog section we need to update the new articles one a week. 12 Proper internal linking needed page to page and blog to pages. 13 Need to setup the international targeting 14 We also need to set up the proper indexation plan like which pages to index and which not because extra pages/posts/images/videos always put negative impact and use the website resources. 15 Speed optimization. Technical on page SEO - Gold Keyword Research and off Page SEO “ ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” ”””””””” ”””””””” ”””””””” ”””””””” ” 1 After fixing and adding everything in basic SEO I will start keyword research by GKR method. GKR method really helps to boost ranking and traffic for any kind of website with fewer efforts. Keyword which are researched with KGR methods are easy to rank and right after publishing content and when it get index the targeted keyword directly ranked in top 50 some time in top

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30 or top 15. After doing little bit of off page SEO it ranked in top 10 or top 3 sand start sending traffic. 2 Back links: - Back links are the back bone of SEO I will start the back links by starting out reach to real blog owners and generate a list check below example. Well the success rate of getting back links throughout reach is very low. If we contact 50 blog owner by se nding them email and if the success rate is 2 to 5 percent than we have at least 2 to 5 good back links. If someone charge like 5 to 20/ link and their website is very high quality one than I must say this will be a very good investment. 3 I will require the articles from you according to the requirement not much those will be like 2 to 3 a month. The Complete back link structure and blogs “ ””””””””””” ”” ”” ””” ”” ”” ”” ”” ””” ”” ”” ”” ””” ”” ”” ”” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” I will build the following types for back Links. 1 Back links Outreach Already told about it 2 RBN back links Real blog Networks /Relevant blog networks 3 WEB2.0 4 Guest Posts 5 I will build the profiles adding all your information and interlink those profile with each others 6 I will join Forum and drop your website link with white hat methods 7 I will get free back links from the websites like WN Medium Teams pages etc you have some back links from some of these websites I will check and build on those which are more beneficial. 8 I will use book mark websites 9 I use social websites 10 I will do tier 2 link building After fixing everything in on page SEO my main focus will be to acquire the back links on regular basis. I will start building RBN and Web2 RBN and start adding content in those. Some will be paid and websites and some will be free. All the will have keywords in domain name and that will be relevancy we will add relevant content and leave those for some time to get index. After they get index we will pass the link juice. Tier 2 Back links “ ””””””””””””””””””””

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 I will build tier 2 back links to all the RBN to pass authority.  In this way we will be successful in getting very relevant back links with some authority as well.  It will pass link juice to main keywords I will give back links to main keywords to boost the ranking from the nowhere to the page 1 and then to top 3. What will be my anchor text strategy And Back link Ratio Well this very technical game if we only build back links to one or two keywords it will harm the ranking. I will build back links this way.  40 Back links to Brand name with using some citations  25 Back links to main keywords  15 back links to naked urls with different  10 to alternative keywords long tail keywords and synonyms  10 to keywords like click here here this website more information etc My back link ratio will be this 50 Back links to home page and 50 back links to entire website. Cost Time Time:- Well I do need you to sign 6 to 8 months of contact with me because I want to work in free environment and you can check the real performance from month to month reports or bi weekly reports. I am sure you will work with me for very long term like 5 to 10 years after checking my 6 months performance. I need you hire me on fixed price contact. And pay me 150 on every 1 st . I can increase or decrease hours if needed. Cost:- As SEO is going very tough and we need to do very handwork to get websites rank so all the SEO rates has been increased but I will charge the old rate 400 a month for next 6 months First Month upfront once ROI will increase day by day I will request to increase the fee as well. Note: -  I can change the SEO plan anytime in between the initial six months according to the need of the website.  I will send you regular reports of what back links done what we out reached what approved what pending and what is the ranking and traffic stats with comparison bi weekly.  I will build more deep action plan month to month after hiring. Please ask if you have any questions

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