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Learn basics and advanced SAS clinical programming concepts to read and manipulate clinical data. Using the clinical features and basic SAS programming concepts of clinical trials, this course shows how to import ADAM, CDISC or other standards for domain structure and contents into the metadata, build clinical domain target table metadata from those standards, create jobs to load clinical domains, to validate the structure and content of the clinical domains based on the standards, and to generate CDISC standard define.xml files describing the domain tables for clinical submissions.


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SAS Clinical Course

Who We Are?:

Who We Are? E-Verified MBE, 8(a) Certified CMMI#3 Certified US Base (Maryland) IT Consulting Firm Staffing & Recruitment Fortune Client Base Corporate & Individual Training (IT)

Target Audience:

Target Audience Life Science Graduates Bioinformatics Graduates Biotechnology Graduates Pharma Graduates Statistics Background Clinical Background Any Graduate

What is SAS?:

What is SAS? SAS is one of the most world wide used tool, in all different aspects of industries, because it is one of the user friendly software, which generates appropriate or superior outcomes/ reports; by clearly demonstrating significance of the data.

What can SAS Do?:

What can SAS Do? Read and write almost any data format Powerful data handling language Excellent data cleansing functions Countless options for output (print, HTML, excel, PDF etc .) Interact with multiple host systems

Need for SAS:

Need for SAS In today’s world we have large chunks of data in business and various sectors which needs to be maintained and this data seems to be unmanageable . To maintain data in a presentable format also where we can analyze and modify this data is important. This is where SAS comes to rescue.

Why SAS Clinical?:

Why SAS Clinical? Great demand Career Growth Easy to learn Great pay Fortune Clients Certifications When it comes to clinical trials analysis, SAS is the de facto industry standard. –Jack Shostak (Author of SAS Programming in the Pharmaceutical Industry)

Big players are HIRING!:

Big players are HIRING!

SAS in Clinical Domain:

SAS in Clinical Domain Healthcare & Pharmacy Clinical Data Integration Drug Development Sales & Marketing SAS used for Statistical Analysis Clinical Research Reporting Forecasting Data Mining

Why SAS is Popular?:

Why SAS is Popular? There is a lot of difference between SAS and other tools. SAS is a tool which is a combination of three basic features. It is a reporting tool. It is a ETL (Extraction ,Transformation, Load) tool and It is also a forecasting tool. Whereas the tools other than SAS like - consists of the first feature. eg : BUSINESS OBJECTS, COGNOS. - consists of the second INFORMATICA. No other tool has the power of forecasting feature. Hence SAS is used in mostly Clinical trials and healthcare industry.

SAS in Pharmacy:

SAS in Pharmacy “ Clinical Trial is a Method to determine if a new drug or treatment will work on disease or will it be beneficial to patients ” Clinical trials produces huge volume of data, Manual computation is error prone and time consuming Solution is Statistical software!! SAS Why SAS Used !! SAS Recommended by FDA ( Food and Drug Administration ) SAS is Robust tool for reporting and Analysis SAS available in various Platform and produce High customized reports.

Clinical Trials in a Nutshell:

Clinical Trials in a Nutshell Approved Protocol Investigator Selection Approval Process Statistical Analysis Data Entered and Reviewed Patient Recruitment & Participation Presentation & Publication of report Data Filed (FDA) & Registration Obtained

Clinical Data Management:

Clinical Data Management CRF Design Protocol DB Design DB Validation Database Data Analysis Report

Data Analysis:

Data Analysis Raw Data to be Analyzed Data statement More SAS statements SAS Data Set SAS procedure statements Results of Analysis Data Analysis in a finished report DATA Step PROC Step

Terminology Overview:

Terminology Overview Pharmaceutical Industry is full of acronyms, medical terminology , and jargon that person must known to be an effective Statistical/SAS programmer. FDA Food and Drug Administration CDISC Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium SDTM Study Data Tabulation Model ADaM Analysis Dataset Models ODM Operational Data Model ICH International Conference on Harmonization CRF Case Report Form

Course Roadmap:

Course Roadmap BASE SAS Advanced SAS Clinical Trials CDISC(SDTM) CRF Design Clinical Data Management Case Studies Domain Training Certification Steps

Our Differentiators:

Our Differentiators Real Project Scenarios Domain Training Class Recordings Software Access Comprehensive Study Material

How To Reach?:

How To Reach? Call: +1-443-687-9600 Email:

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