Retiring in Belize for a Tranquil Life

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Look for companies that have taken up projects of building lots in Belize of good quality and at affordable rates too. Therefore, you get the most out of all that you spend. For retirees, Belize is a haven for retirees as the benefits are numerable and living costs are generally lower than other Caribbean destinations.


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Retiring in Belize for a Tranquil Life:

Retiring in Belize for a Tranquil Life Belize is a beautiful Caribbean country that is truly a tranquil haven for retirees. It is a country of blue beaches, lush green palm trees, fresh food and fresh air. The soothing sound of waves on the shore, the breathtaking views that spread across the horizon is what is most awe inspiring and amazing.

Why Belize?:

Why Belize ? While Belize attracts tourists from across the globe all around the year, it gives great benefits to individuals who want to relocate there. The Belize Retirement Incentive Plan from the government gives great benefits to retirees and those who are soon to retire. To be eligible for the Belize Retirement Incentives Program, you don’t have to be 65, but can use the benefits as early as the age of 45 years. However, to use the benefits before the actual retirement age, you need to fulfill certain conditions. Here are some benefits that retirees receive who are eligible for the Belize Retirement Incentives Program

Number 1.:

Number 1. Retirees are exempted from all sorts of income taxes, even income that they earn from other countries and do not remit in Belize.

Number 2.:

Number 2. Import items for a total of certain amount without import duties when importing items for the first time after moving .

Number 3.:

Number 3. Run a business from inside Belize, if most of the business activities are outside of Belize and the laborers are not Belizeans.

Property for Sale in Belize:

Property for Sale in Belize Moving to Belize for retirees can be beneficial as buying property in this natural-resource-rich country is easy and hasn’t got many terms attached. There aren’t many taxes and the process to transfer ownership is quick and efficient. In addition, since there isn’t any language barrier and Belizeans are eager to assist at all times, it is easy to find the right kind of property. Many real estate companies are building lots for sale in Belize to accommodate the increasing demand of properties and lots in Corozal Belize. These companies provide lots to buyers at affordable rates. Most lots have green space for homeowners to plant their favorite fruits or vegetables. They also have electric power installed so save the homeowners the effort to arrange for it too.

Serenity Paradise Belize:

Serenity Paradise Belize Contact Details: Address: 1720 Mars Hill Road Suite 8-365 Acworth, GA 30101 Number: 863-877-0397 Email: Website: Thank you.

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