Top 5 LED Lights For Retail Stores & Supermarkets [INFOGRAPHIC]

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When it comes to retail store lighting, it is best to choose LED lighting system that can give ultimate lighting experience. Modern LED light fixtures have overcome the drawbacks of traditional fluorescent lights and are helping showroom businesses to raise store footfalls and product sales. To help retail businesses owners and showroom managers pick the right store lighting, SeniorLED has shortlisted the 5 best LED retail store light fixtures from its commerical lighting catalog. Have a look at this retail store LED lighting infographic to discovering best indoor lighting for supermarkets and stores. Also read complete features/specifications at Our retail store LED lighting products offer superior light quality & cost savings. LED lights for retail stores can save up to 80% on energy costs compared to fluorescent lighting. Additionally, with a lifespan extending beyond 50,000 hours of operation, our cost-effective retail store LED lighting also minimizes the need of maintenance/replacement. Visit to go through our vast catalog of LED commercial lights.


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