LED vs Incandescent vs CFL Bulbs Comparison - SeniorLED [Infographic]

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If you’re still on the fence over which energy-efficient alternative to choose, you’re running out of time. Incandescent & CFL bulbs are phased out and would become thing of the past within few years. To help families & businesses in choosing right lighting solution, SeniorLED brings LED vs CFL vs incandescent bulb comparison Infographic. On comparing, LED light bulb stands on the top in terms of average lifespan, lumens, energy usage, safety & environment sustainability. Go through the LED, CFL and incadescent bulb comparison to learn about the differences between the three popular lighting solutions available in the market. It is right to conclude that LED light is the clear winner in LED vs CFL vs Incandescent lights bulb comparison. Go through the comparison doc prepared by SeniorLED to understand how LEDs are different from their traditional counterparts. As a global LED supplier & manufacturer, SeniorLED always works forward for improving the light culture & shares knowledge sharing documents timely. Go through the blog for further information on LED, CFL & incandescent light bulbs. http://www.seniorled.com/led-vs-incandescent-vs-cfl/ Browse SeniorLED for latest indoor & outdoor LED commercial light bulbs & lighting fixtures : http://www.seniorled.com


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