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In Ryu, Ph.D. Executive Vice President Software & Solution Center LG Electronics, Inc. Home Network: Road to Ubiquitous World


Why Home Network? Service Providers Info. & Entertainment e-Commerce Utility Management Security Appliance Services Mobile Devices Internet Gateway Home Network Portal Digital Convergence & Networking capability opens a new lifestyle – Home is Smarter!


LG HomNet Total Solution Ubiquitous World Community Inside Home Hub HomNet Server HomNet PAD Community Server Farm Community health care solution Lobby System Auto Door System Guard Phone IP Phone Parking System Remote Metering Heating System Health Care Device Delivery System HomNet Appliances SAC Ventilation Gas Controller Gas Sensor Gas Shut-off Motion Detector Smoke Detector Well Being Sensor (CO,CO2,O3,VOC) Panic Solution (necklace, bracelet) Kitchen TV /Sub-phone Health Tub Electric curtain Digital door lock HomNet cordless phone Telemeter Elect. Water Gas Light


LG HomNet Solution Overview LG HomNet consists of 8 major solutions Communication Security Entertainment Management Home Tasking Well Being Community Management Community Portal


LG HomNet Solution Control of HomNet Appliances You can communicate with HomNet appliances inside as well as outside home conveniently. Hub Community SVR Community Network HomNet Server HomNet Appliances Universal Remote Control HomNet PAD


LG HomNet Solution Control of Lighting System Hub Community SVR Community Network HomNet Server Relay Universal Remote Control HomNet PAD Switch Lighting Lighting Control Service leads to energy saving and home security.


LG HomNet Solution Control of Electric Curtain Hub Community SVR Community Network HomNet Server Universal Remote Control HomNet PAD You can control electric curtain/blind for setting up your own mood. - Electric curtain/blind can be automatically worked out according to your programming mode with HomNet Server.


LG HomNet Solution Tele-Metering Service You can check out utility consumption to save energy. - With HomNet Server or Internet , you can monitor usage of electricity, water, gas, energy and hot water. - Community management office manages total households through tele-metering system to save labor cost. Hub Community SVR Community Network HomNet Server Electricity Water Hot Water Gas HomNet PAD Management Office


LG HomNet Solution Check visitors while you are away from home Hub Community SVR Community Network HomNet Server HomNet PAD Door Camera You can check out visitors recorded on HomNet server while you’re away. - Capturing visitors’ pictures via door phone & common entrance system after setting a “away mode”.


Realtime Traffic Information Local Weather Local Shop Information HomNet Server Realtime View of Neighboring Roads Community Facility Reservation Check Stock Market HomNet PDP TV Casual Service Platform Walled Garden LG HomNet Solution Content Service


Deployment Cases Cont’d Deployment Cases Korea Market Customer Responses: Location : KwangJu, Korea Move-in Date: October 20, 2005 Number of Housing Units: 250 [Function] 0.6% 15.5% 34.2% 49.7% Highly Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Not Satisfied Majority of the residence are satisfied with LG HomNet service Home Control by Wall Pad Home Control by HomNet PDP SamRa MidasVille, Korea


Deployment Cases Cont’d More Deployments Coming In… Korea & China Sinolink Mangrove West Coast Complex in Shenzhen, China


Deployment Cases Cont’d What We Have Learned …  Voice of Customers - “Home Network is not easy to use” - “With all the money spent, how come I still can not order Pizza?” - “I wish I can reserve golf practice tee through big-screen TV” - “Is there any way I can do grocery shopping with Home Network?” - “Home security should be guaranteed”  Trends show that about 40% of newly-built houses will be equipped with home network solution in one way or another. Statistics show that the adoption rate will go up as time goes on.  All the houses we installed LG HomNet solution have structured wiring with Fiber or CAT5 UTP cable to provide high-speed content distribution. - Bandwidth requirement will only go up as demand for HD content distribution goes up.


Deployment Cases Cont’d By The Way, Where Are We Now? U-health U-learning Electronic Payment U-shopping Ubiquitous Service Providers uHome present A.C. *** B.C. ** *uHome: Ubiquitous Home; **B.C. : Before Content or Basic Content; ***A.C. : After Content or Advanced Content Basic Home Network Current Home Network is a stepping stone towards uHome - Having BC2 (Box, Content, and Connection) will be the key to success.  Boxes will be connected to each other: - All the digital appliances will talk to each other. - Home Server will monitor your home and let you know when things happen. - Your PCs and cell phones will let you know what’s exactly happening in your home.

Advanced HomNet Solution: 

Advanced HomNet Solution 3-D Dance VOD Casual Game Kids Songs / Dance Photo Shopping Visket: Visual Basket DTV Portal Service Advanced HomNet Solution DTV Portal Service

Advanced HomNet Solution: 

Advanced HomNet Solution DTV Portal  Content creation/distribution/display will be done by individual publishers. Intelligent Home Server Internet DMP DMP : Digital Media Player, DMS : Digital Media Server DMP LCD TV content creation In-Home Content Solution Advanced HomNet Solution In-home Content Solution


Electric Oven Dish Washer Combi Refrigerator Air Cleaner A/C Internet Refrigerator Indoor Unit Outdoor Unit Ventilation Drum Washer Microwave oven Gas Oven Gas Valve Remote Metering Electronic Curtain Thermo Controller Lighting Controller HomNet Server HomNet PAD HomNet Remote Networked PDP Home A/V Server DMA Wireless TV Entertainment PC  LG HomNet is an Integrator of Home Automation, A/V and Content Solution. DTV Portal DLNA: Digital Living Network Alliance, LnCP: Living Network Control Protocol LG HomNet Vision Total Home Network Solution Provider



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