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I Love this presentation!! I would also love to be able to download this ppt. and have a copy of the handout. Is this possible?

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I would love to be able to download this ppt. and have a copy of the handout. Thank you wonderful lesson!

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Could you please let me download this ppt. and possibly send your "handout" that you refer to? Great lesson!

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Self-Portraits This PowerPoint asks you to look at art and THINK, in order to answer the questions on your handout. Hint – there are questions on each slide. Use them to figure out the answers on the handout, by taking notes on looseleaf paper. Don’t rush! There is plenty of time…

Frida Kahlo: 

Frida Kahlo Look carefully at Frida’s clothes – what do they make you think of? Look at the image on her forehead. What do you see? Why do you think she might put an image like that on her forehead? Look at all the lines coming from her face. What do they remind you of? Look at the white lines. Where do they come from? Before going on, answer #1 on the handout.

Frida Kahlo : 

Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter born in 1907 She had polio when she was 6 The title of the self-portrait is “Diego On My Mind” Diego Rivera was a famous artist whom she married. He was a lot older than she was. They had a rough marriage, marked by affairs and separations. Frida had a hard life: She was in a terrible bus accident when she was in her late teens Her abdomen was pierced by a piece of metal, and her spinal column was broken in 3 places She never really recovered, always suffered from pain During her recovery, she began to paint Frida made many self-portraits Answer #2 on the handout before going on

Paul Gauguin: 

Paul Gauguin Look carefully at this self-portrait. What does the artist show of himself? What else do you see in the picture? What do you think is in his hand? What do you notice above his head? What objects do you notice in the background? Can you think of any stories that involve these objects? What words does the color red make you think of? Answer #3 before you go on.

Paul Gauguin: 

Paul Gauguin Born in France in 1848 Was friends with Vincent van Gogh Had a career as a stockbroker’s clerk and painted in his free time Left his family and job to become an artist Lived in Tahiti for part of his life Painted this self-portrait on a wooden door of an inn Used many symbols in it – critics disagree about what he intended. What do you think? Answer #3 on the handout

Andy Warhol: 

Andy Warhol Look carefully at this self-portrait What do you notice on his face? What can you tell about the artist by looking at his hair and face? Look at what Andy Warhol shows of himself in his self-portrait, and compare it to the other two. Answer #4 on the handout

Andy Warhol: 

Andy Warhol This is titled “Self-Portrait with Camouflage” Andy Warhol was born in 1928 in Pennsylvania He was a very successful graphic artist in the 1950’s He went on to become part of the movement “Pop Art”, using images from popular culture in his painting Answer #4 on the handout

Look at the next three slides carefully:: 

Look at the next three slides carefully: This are self-portraits made by kids in England They are all very different – HOW? They are all similar in at least one way – HOW?


'A self-portrait looking back on myself and how I have changed my life, after being arrested by armed police at 14 during a really rough time in my life.'


'Some people can look into someone's palms and tell much about them and their future. These are the things that are around and about me in my life.'


'This self-portrait is my favorite, it shows Hull City AFC, my local team, Hull Hornets RUFC, my rugby team, and random face parts of me, where I got bored, which I think shows how my life is boring.'

Before going on, answer #5 on the handout!: 

Before going on, answer #5 on the handout! Hint: This is a “looking” and “thinking” question!


Self-Portraits Can show what the artist LOOKS like Can tell the viewer something about the artist Using symbols or pictures Describe personality, interests, things that are important to them

Answer # 6 on the handout!: 

Answer # 6 on the handout! You’re done! Click the BACK button to go to back to the Webquest.

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