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Preview Starting Points Map: Europe Main Idea / Reading Focus Building an Empire A New Society Quick Facts: Charlemagne’s Achievements Charlemagne’s Empire


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Reading Focus How did Charlemagne and the Carolingians build the Frankish empire? How did Charlemagne’s actions contribute to shaping a new society? Main Idea Through conquest and social change, Charlemagne tied much of western Europe together in a single empire. Charlemagne’s Empire


Powerful Kingdom Crowning of Charlemagne a surprise, but not random decision His predecessors, the kings of the Franks, worked for 200 years to make kingdom most powerful in Europe Early Carolingians One of first Carolingians to gain power, Charlemagne’s grandfather Charles Martel, political adviser, war leader for Frankish king Led Frankish army in many crushing defeats of opponents, notably Muslims Frankish Empire By 800s Franks ruled much of western, central Europe Leaders most influential in expansion of Franks all belonged to one family—Charlemagne’s family, the Carolingians Building an Empire


Charlemagne’s Rise to Power Charlemagne, Old French for Charles the Great Name proved accurate, Charlemagne a great leader Historically considered one of most important leaders in European history Foundation of success, his military power Pippin Charles’s son, Pippin III, also skilled leader; won many battles, captured new lands for Franks Became first king of Carolingian dynasty, 751 Upon death, 768, Pippin passed kingdom to son, ruler known today as Charlemagne


Military Power


Helping the Pope


Powerful Charlemagne had tremendous power as emperor Empire large, not easy to rule; changes made government efficient, effective Established permanent capital at Aachen, in what is now Germany Oversight Inspectors kept tabs on Charlemagne’s counts Rewarded counts who did jobs well, punished those who did not Inspectors helped ensure counts remained loyal, empire was well run Delegating Authority Built huge palace, cathedral to reflect own greatness Chose counts, officials to help rule parts of empire in his name Counts bound to obey, granted large tracts of land, given much authority Charlemagne’s Rule


Summarize How did Charlemagne turn his kingdom into an empire? Answer(s): strong warrior; restored the pope to power; provided stability and order; barons helped him rule


Although Charlemagne is known mostly as a warrior and a political leader, he also made sweeping changes to Frankish society. A New Society


In addition to improving education, Charlemagne wanted to preserve, spread Christian teachings Worked closely with church to create unified Christian empire Used force to accomplish, ordered those he conquered to convert to Christianity under penalty of death Sent monks to live among conquered to help Christianity take root Religion


Find the Main Idea How did Charlemagne change society in his empire? Answer(s): built an education system, preserved ancient writings, expanded religion, developed single law code

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