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Unidad 1 Etapa 2: 

Unidad 1 Etapa 2 By: Scott, Mike, Sean, Alisa, Jenna

Verbs like gustar: 

Verbs like gustar You use verbs like gustar with the indirect object pronouns me, te, le, nos, os, and les to express your and others’ reaction to things. Example-Me gusta tu ropa. I like your clothes. Te gusta mi ropa. You like my clothes. Le gusta tu ropa. He/she likes your clothes.

Other verbs used like gustar: 

Other verbs used like gustar Encantar-to delight Faltar-to lack Fascinar-to fascinate Molestar-to bother Interesar-to interest Quedarle bien-to look good Quedarle mal-to look bad Importar-to be important

Por and Para: 

Por and Para Use por to indicate… The idea of passing through General rather than specific location How long something lasts The cause of something An exchange Doing something in place of or instead of someone else A means of transportation

Examples with Por: 

Examples with Por *Esta carretera pasa por Tejas. This highway goes through Texas. *Vivimos en Mexico por diez anos. We lived in Mexico for ten years. *Cecilia pago mucho por su vestido. Cecilia paid a lot for her dress. *Viajamos por barco. We traveled by boat.

Use para to indicate…: 

Use para to indicate… For whom something is done Destination The purpose for which something is done To express an opinion To contrast or compare To express the idea of a deadline (jobs)

Examples with para: 

Examples with para *Compraremos un regalo para Silvia. We will buy a gift for Silvia. *Francisco tomo el avión para San Juan. Francisco took the plane to San Juan. *Para mí, el montañismo es maravilloso. To me, mountaineering is marvelous. *Hay que terminar la tarea para manana. The assignment has to be finished by tomorrow.

The Future Tense: 

The Future Tense Review of 2 ways we have already learned: ir + a + infinitive Vamos a estudiar en la biblioteca. We’re going to study in the library. 2.Using the present tense when the context makes it clear that you are talking about the future. Mañana alquilamos una pelicula. Tomorrow we’re renting a film.

The Future Tense Cont’d.: 

The Future Tense Cont’d. You can also use the future tense form by adding a special ending to the verbs. ALL VERBS HAVE THE SAME ENDINGS IN FUTURE TENSE!! EX. Comer-to eat comeré comeremos comerás comeréis comerá comerán

Irregular future stem verbs: 

Irregular future stem verbs Decir dir- Hacer har- *memorize these!!! Poner pondr- Salir saldr- Tener tendr- Valer vald- Venir vendr- Poder podr- Querer querr- Saber sabr-

Future Tense to Express Probability: 

Future Tense to Express Probability You can use the future tense to speculate about what might occur or what others are doing. Future tense implies: Your wondering about an event Guessing whether or not it has occurred Example: Tendrá novia. (He PROBABLY has a girlfriend.)


VOCABULARY!!! La seda: silk Sencillo(a): simple La mezcilla: jeans El fleco: fringe La lana: wool Destacarse: to stand out El bolso: shoulder bag El llavero: keychain Genial: wonderful Cuero: leather



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