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SOLAR, TERRESTRIAL & SPACE PHYSICS IN AUSTRALIA . Contact: Above people & Iver Cairns, (02) 9351 3961, email: U. of Sydney: Theory & Heliosphere Plasma, solar & space physics Theory, simulations, & data-theory tests Sun – solar wind – Earth – interstellar medium Complexity, waves, radiation & acceleration STEREO swaves instrument Contact: RESEARCH & INSTRUMENTS Solar activity: flares, CMEs, X-ray & radio Space weather: Sun-Earth connections Magnetosphere: substorms, currents, aurora Ionosphere: radio reception, ionization changes Neutral atmosphere: winds, coupling Complex systems: connections, predictability Space assets: FedSat, NASA & ESA spacecraft .. (STEREO spacecraft?) Australia/NZ: IPS radio, TIGER and MF/VHF radars, magnetometers (Mileura Widefield Array?) Antarctica: magnetometers, cosmic rays, auroral imagers, digisondes Strong connections to Plasma Physics & Astrophysics U. Newcastle: Magnetosphere Magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere coupling & TIGER radar FedSat & ground magnetometer networks ULF waves & radiation belt dynamics Contact: Australian Antarctic Division Magnetosphere-ionosphere - aurora Digisondes, cosmic rays, magnetometers, VLF receivers, auroral imagers Infrastructure for external agencies Contact: Ionospheric Prediction Service (IPS): Space Weather Gather Australian & international datasets & advise Govt & industry clients Learmonth & Culgoora radio Contact: David Cole / U. Adelaide: Neutral Atmosphere & Ionosphere Neutral winds Coupling to ionosphere & space VHF & MF radar, airglow, photometers Contact: LaTrobe U.: Ionosphere & Magnetosphere Coupling Activity, changes in plasma structures, magnetic connectivity TIGER radar, GPS, optical spectrometers Contact: FedSat – Australia’s first science spacecraft Digisonde at Davis, Antartica

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