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GOES Program : 

GOES Program December 12, 2002 Steven P. Kirkner GOES Program Manager, NOAA/NESDIS


OUTLINE Program Status Launch Planning GOES-R Series

GOES On-Orbit Status: 

GOES On-Orbit Status GOES-8 continues to function as the GOES-East operational satellite Functioning on several redundant systems Depletes all fuel reserves by April 2003 Has exceeded operational life by 3 + years GOES-9 removed from operational service in July 1998 Being made available to the Japanese to provide emergency coverage, if necessary GOES-10 has functioned as the GOES-West operational satellite for the last 4 years Difficult to quantify amount of mission life lost due to Solar Array anomaly GOES -11 and GOES –12 are in on-orbit storage mode, ready to replace either GOES-East or West Transition plan being developed to move GOES-12 to GOES-East

GOES-N Series Development/Production Status : 

GOES-N Series Development/Production Status GOES-N Series Spacecraft (Boeing Satellite Systems (BSS), Inc.) Government provided instruments delivered to Spacecraft contractor and successfully integrated on GOES-N Spacecraft GOES-N Spacecraft system level testing underway GOES-N Series Spacecraft Support Ground System (SSGS) delivered to NOAA’s SOCC Successfully completed two command/TLM/Data End-to-End testing between Spacecraft and NOAA’s SOCC GOES-N Spacecraft on schedule to support January 2004 launch readiness The GOES-O Bus and Payload Modules Completed

GOES-N - Anechoic Chamber: 

GOES-N - Anechoic Chamber

GOES-N Series Instruments Status: 

GOES-N Series Instruments Status GOES-N Series Imagers and Sounders (ITT) The GOES-N (S/N08) Imager and Sounder mechanically/electrically integrated onto the GOES-N bus The GOES-O (S/N09) Imager and Sounder mechanically integrated on to the GOES-O bus GOES-P (S/N10) Imager and Sounder are in temporary storage at ITT. Preliminary integration of S/N 11 Imager and Sounder started, leading to the ship dates of June 14, 2003 for the Imager and July 31, 2003 for the Sounder.

GOES-N Spacecraft Instrument Testing: 

GOES-N Spacecraft Instrument Testing Spacecraft in the Z over west panel down configuration Sounder radiant cooler door open in preparation for ITT to perform the door hinge friction test Picture taken 3/26/02

GOES-N Series Instruments Status (Continued): 

GOES-N Series Instruments Status (Continued) NOAA GOES-N Series FM1 and FM2 Solar X-Ray Imagers (SXI) The FM1 SXI delivered to BSS November 2001 Successfully integrated on GOES-N The FM2 SXI delivered to BSS September 2002 Successfully integrated on GOES-O for ground testing, but may not fly on GOES-O GOES-N Series Space Environment Monitor (SEM) GOES-N SEM - Successfully delivered and integrated on GOES-N Delivery of the GOES-O SEM - December 2002 (Lockheed Martin)

GOES Launch Planning: 

GOES Launch Planning

GOES-R Series: 

GOES-R Series GOES-R series will be designed to satisfy User’s needs in the 2012 to 2025 time frame Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) Advanced Imaging Hyperspectral Environmental Suite (HES) Advanced Sounding and Imaging SXI Solar imaging SEM Space environment monitoring Other Advanced Instruments GOES Auxiliary Services DCS, LRIT, EMWIN, SARSAT

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