How Voice Technology is Disrupting the Retail

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Voice technology in mobile app development is gaining mainstream acceptance. Artificial intelligence AI is becoming more efficient in identifying user intent and heavy-hitters like Amazon Google and Apple are fueling the voice search trend with their branded hardware. IOS App Development in Baltimore With the progression of AI innovative decision makers are beginning to explore new opportunities to leverage voice technology beyond commonplace routine. For More Info:-

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Today’s tech-centric consumer has completely transformed the value criteria for traditional retail and voice is the next interaction point. Android app Development Baltimore As commerce channels continue to expand success will be determined by how well brands incorporate conversational experiences into their Omni channel strategy. For More Info:-

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Mobile application development in Baltimore • 62 of those who regularly use a voice-activated device plan to make a voice-enabled purchase within the next month. • 58 of those who regularly use a voice-activated device use voice technology to manage their weekly shopping lists. • 44 of those who regularly use a voice-activated device order household products at least once a week. For More Info:-

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Shoppers are still browsing across multiple channels before making a voice purchase App development Baltimore and purchases tend to be centered around repeat items like household essentials and groceries. The interplay between screen and voice will continue to be essential for retail brands but voice has the potential to reduce friction within the omni channel experience. As it stands voice search doesn’t lend itself to brand association and as a result retailers will need to adopt new methods to keep their products top-of-mind. Users expect voice technology to provide a more streamlined retail experience and it seems unlikely that paid advertising will integrate well with this model. For More Info:-

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