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Manage your screen time by informed about Renewing Your Mind & Brain Overload AT Find us On Google Map : Internet addiction among children is a growing concern. Online access is a vital part of the modern world and an essential tool in our children’s education. Also, it is a highly entertaining and informative medium. However, these very qualities also make it an enticing escape for many children. They can be anyone in an online chat room, or play thrilling and challenging games against other players from all corners of the globe. With the click of a mouse, they can enter a different world where the problems they perceive in their real lives are no longer present, and all the things one wishes he or she could be, do, or experience are possible. Consider professionals best advice on Renewing Your Mind & Brain Overload. Social : Add : Am Saule 8, 33184 Altenbeken, Germany Contact us : +49 5255 7417 Mail :


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4 What is Delay Discounting?  Delay Discounting  is an easy to understand life hack recommend by behavioral scientists like Kelly McGonigal . Researchers found out that the longer you have to wait for a reward the less it is worth to you. Visit Our Website : How To Beat Internet Addiction


5 The reason is that your brain prefers feel good and amusing  low value activities at the cost of future high yield, down to earth  "Deep Work" that is productive and profitable. However, the good news is: Even small delays can dramatically lower the perceived value of any pulse pounding temptation. In practice that means your urge to visit Facebook , Reddit , Youtube etc. or playing a game has only a narrow window of opportunity to overwhelm your brain. Visit Our Website : Break Internet Addiction


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