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Asthma is a problem of the lungs, where the oxygen supply to the lungs is restricted causing shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, etc.. If not handled at the right time, asthma can become quite dangerous and might require hospital admission for treatment . But the most interesting thing is that certain types of exercises are great for treating asthma. 5 Best Exercises for Asthma Patients

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Some of these exercises include: Strolling Playing baseball Yoga Downhill Skiing Swimming Strolling - great for asthma patients : When compared with other kinds of workouts, taking a stroll seems to be quite a simple and easy thing. But strolling or walking is one of the best exercises, which can help in combating various kinds of health disorders including asthma. Along with increasing your lung capacity manifold times, this exercise helps in retaining perfect figure. Playing baseball : Playing baseball is a great idea for people who suffer from asthma. This is because this sport activity does not involve rigorous running or other kind of physical strain and pressure. There is plenty of down time in this game as well, so it is not that exhausting. 5 Best Exercises for Asthma Patients

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Yoga: Yoga can be considered as the magic ingredient, which can help in dealing with the problem of asthma successfully. Breathing exercises in yoga can help in activating more areas in the lungs and keep them in good condition. Healthy lungs mean that proper amount of oxygen can get into the body and the organs function well. Downhill skiing : It is true that normal cross-country skiing can prove to be detrimental for an asthma patient. The cold air and the strenuous activity will lead to the drying of the airways thus increasing breathing problems significantly. But downhill skiing is not that strenuous for the body and the airways are not pressurized so much as well 5 Best Exercises for Asthma Patients

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Swimming : It is believed that swimming is a complete exercise as every small part of the body is involved in this exercise. In swimming, one breathes in air, which is highly humidified and warm. Moreover, swimming makes one stay in the horizontal position for quite some time and this posture helps in loosening the mucus deposition, which is mainly found in the bottom of the lungs. Just keep one thing in mind, while trying swimming. Check that the pool does not have excessive chlorine as this chemical has shown results of triggering asthma. Along with the above-mentioned exercises, jogging and running are great for combating the problem of asthma. In doing the exercises on a daily basis, there might be no need of inhalers and asthma medications in the future. 5 Best Exercises for Asthma Patients

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