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Learn the Difference Between Magnet Manufacturers and Suppliers :

Learn the Difference Between Magnet Manufacturers and Suppliers

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Are you looking for magnets to buy online? You may find a number of options to buy online however the dilemma exists whether one should buy such magnets directly from the manufacturers or look for right suppliers.

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There are few differences between them which you need to understand. From where suppliers obtain the product Majority of magnet suppliers procure their products from various magnet manufacturers in bulk quantity at much lower price, which as an individual customer you may not like to buy. Suppliers have to cater to the needs of various customers and therefore to meet their demand the suppliers identify various sources all over the world to obtain at a price so that they can earn better profit . How customer service is handled by the magnet suppliers In case, you have any problem with the supply then most often the suppliers fail to provide you the services immediately as they have to coordinate with the actual manufacturer. Such problem usually does not occur with every supply but there is always a chance. If you procure directly from a manufacturer then you can get immediate service.

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Can magnet suppliers provide you customized requirements ? Here too you have to wait longer as the supplier will need necessary approval from the manufacturer. On the other hand, if your custom need is for smaller quantity then the manufacturer may not entertain you.

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Therefore, if you need standard magnets then it is better to approach a manufacturer directly. Get More Info about magnet manufacturers, please check http :// cimisf.com/specialty-magnets/magnet-manufacturer /

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