How to Start Investing - Secured Options

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It is never too soon to start investing. Investing is the smartest way to secure your financial future and to begin letting your money make more money for you. Contrary to what you may think, investing is not only for people who have plenty of spare cash.


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How to Start Investing - Secured Options

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Make sure you have a safety net

Slide 3:

Learn a little bit about stocks

Slide 4:

Familiarize yourself with bonds

Slide 5:

Understand the commodities market

Slide 6:

Know a bit about investing in property

Slide 7:

Learn about mutual funds and exchange traded funds

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Buy undervalued assets, buy low, sell high

Slide 9:

Invest in companies that you understand

Slide 10:

Avoid buying on hope and selling on fear

Slide 11:

Know the effect of interest rates on bonds

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