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By: Dinahanason (115 month(s) ago)

My wedding is going to be held in our local beach this summer. So I decided to buy a wedding dress that fits the ocean theme of my wedding. And this dress is my perfect choice. At first, I was attracted by those ruffles on the skirt. They remind me of the beautiful spoondrifts on the beach. Then I found that I really liked the design of the top of the dress. Thanks to those translucent white chiffons with some embroideries of mysterious pattern, I look even sexier, more feminine and charming in this dress. The sleeveless design can show my beautiful shoulders and also keep me cool in the hot day. Made from chiffon and taffeta of top quality, I feel quite comfortable and breathable with this dress. The price sounds absolutely nice to me too. I guess I can never find another wedding dress of such outstanding design with such adorable price.

By: Sebastiane (115 month(s) ago)

Wedding is believed to be the door which leads to the happiness of the marriage. I truly believe I deserve the best wedding dress on this special day, like this deep V-neck train one. I thought it was a very unique one to me when I saw it the first time. The gray sash, deep V-neck and the two special “wings” are all pretty attractive to me. It conveys to me a strong sense of art and fashion. The fake wings make me look like a real angel. Another thing I appreciate is the train part which makes me even more like a real angel when I walk my way to my bridegroom. The dress suits me so perfectly. It tightens my body to make my beautiful lines stand out. Most importantly, the elegant look it gives me suits the dignified atmosphere of the sacred church in the best way. And especially, it suits my tall height and slim body.

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Sheath Deep V-neck Sash with Illusion Train Satin Chiffon Wedding Dress

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