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Hatching Chicks: 

Hatching Chicks


Things to Learn How to use an incubator Read a thermometer The development of an egg New Life Care of your baby chick

The Egg: 

The Egg

Chick Inside the Egg: 

Chick Inside the Egg

21 Day Chick Lifecycle: 

21 Day Chick Lifecycle

Still Growing: 

Still Growing 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

We’re Almost There…: 

We’re Almost There… 17 18 20 19 Day 21 Happy Birthday

The Miracle of Birth: 

The Miracle of Birth

Miracle in Slow Motion: 

Miracle in Slow Motion

Baby Chicks Resting: 

Baby Chicks Resting

Baby Chicks Drinking: 

Baby Chicks Drinking

Chick Eating out of Feeders: 

Chick Eating out of Feeders

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