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Forum Objectives: 

Forum Objectives To update Specialty Poultry Producers on Avian influenza: AI virus Domestic and wild bird interface AI public health risk To describe government funding programs for the specialty bird industry To encourage membership in the Specialty Bird Association To provide information on the emergency response data base and request specialty industry involvement Forum sponsored by the UBC, SBA, MAL and SBRC committee

Specialty Bird Research: 

Specialty Bird Research MAL Grant $1.5 million – 10 Years + interest Purpose: To assist industry to be competitive, overcome constraints to growth and be sustainable through research in: Economics and marketing Biology and genetics Environment Production and management Food science Develop over the long run enhanced poultry research expertise and resources at UBC to service the industry UBC’s grant; Directed by a framework; Guided by the SBRC industry/UBC/ PARC/MAL

Specialty Birds: 

Specialty Birds TC’s, TC crosses, Hong Kong Golden, Blue Legged, Silkies Organic broilers and organic layers, free run and free range egg layers Waterfowl including ducks and geese Ratites including emu and ostrich Squab, Pheasants, Wild Turkey, Quail, Partridge, Tinamou and Guinea Fowl Other birds as agreed upon by the SBRC and authorized by MAL Supply managed and non supply managed specialty birds

Specialty Bird Research Advisory Committee (SBRC): 

Specialty Bird Research Advisory Committee (SBRC) UBC Dr. Kimberly Cheng Dr. Jim Thompson PARC Dr. Valerie Stevens Dr. Fred Silversides INDUSTRY Ken Falk Jack Vandraager George Pang Dr. Bill Code Rod Reid MAL Stewart Paulson

SBRC Role: 

SBRC Role Advises on priorities Identifies expertise and linkages Plans and budgets research Allocates funding to approved projects Leverages funding

Application Procedure: 

Application Procedure Idea from industry submitted to an SBRC member SBRC member submits preliminary proposal to SBRC Detailed proposal - sponsor and researcher UBC researchers must be involved – 'not a grant to others program' INDUSTRY MATCHING FUNDS NOT REQUIRED Challenges: Depleted research resources, facilities, staff, students, lack of industry organization

Projects – “Go status”: 

Projects – 'Go status' Balut Tinamou Salvage Taiwan Conference Alternative Housing for Layers Robotic Squab Feeder Emu Oil Carotenoids/Impact on Artheriosclerosis Development Variation in Disease Resistance Genes in Local and Commercial Layers Squab Production Manual-biosecurity

Duck Balut (partially incubated duck embryos): 

Duck Balut (partially incubated duck embryos) Objective: Identify CCP’s for balut production and marketing Gather data to develop risk mitigation strategies and sound regulations Rationale: Lack of scientific information on risks associated with balut production and marketing Status: Analysis and summarization Sponsor/Researcher: Ken Falk/ Drs. Cheng and Byrne

Tinamou Salvage: 

Tinamou Salvage Objective: To maintain the tinamou line for commercial development Rationale: The unique Tinamou flock developed by UBC has commercially attractive production attributes– worth salvaging Status: Tinamou is commercially placed and undergoing flock expansion in preparation for a selection program

Taiwan Conference: 

Taiwan Conference Objective: To transfer information on AI in wild birds to BC To build contacts and seek opportunities for joint projects Rationale: H5 has been identified in wild birds in world fly ways. Wanted information on risks to domestic fowl Opportunities for joint research projects with Asia Status: Drs. Robinson and Cheng attended Presentation of salient concepts re: AI surveillance

Alternative Housing for Layers: 

Alternative Housing for Layers Objective: To determine the effect of housing systems on production and welfare of hen strains Rationale: To exploit growing domestic and export markets for eggs from less intensive systems To respond to growing public concerns re: caged egg housing Status: Planning stage/ Alta Funding Consortium, PIC, Alta Farm Animal Care and Alta Egg Board Sponsors/Researchers: Dr. Silversides, Dr. Cheng, John Church, Nigel Cook, John Feddes, Doug Korver

Robotic Squab Feeder: 

Robotic Squab Feeder Objective: To develop a robotic squab feeder for improved production efficiency through faster recycling, more eggs, lower costs and improved disease control Rationale: Pigeons produce 8-14 squab per year if young are raised by parent. If the young are removed from the parents and brooded artificially, production could be increased to 35 to 40 squab per year Status: Camera setup with computerized direct DVD recording Sponsor/Researcher: George Pang/Dr. K. Cheng

Emu oil: 

Emu oil Objective: To determine if the antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties of emu oil slow down atherosclerosis onset To characterize the antioxidant carotenoid profile of emu oil Rationale: To exploit the opportunities for emu oil in the high value medical and nutriceutical markets Sponsors/Researchers: Drs. Code, Cheng and Godin CK Life Sciences - Dr. Luk

Survey of Disease Resistance Genes in Layers and Broilers: 

Survey of Disease Resistance Genes in Layers and Broilers Objective: To measure the variation in disease resistance genes in the local and commercial layer lines of poultry Rationale: Many stocks used in the specialty industry originated from Asia and may be genetically divergent from commercial stocks and may be able to contribute to our genetic resources for disease resistance Sponsors/ researchers: Egg Marketing Board Scholarship, Drs. Cheng, Fulton and Lamont, grad student Izadi Pacific Egg and Poultry Association funding

Squab Production Manual : 

Squab Production Manual Objective: Provide a bmp manual for BC pigeon producers Rationale: Disease prevention through good management practices is highly cost effective Biosecurity and disease control through technology and management advances Sponsor/Author/Researcher: Drs. Marini, Cheng and Bowes

Preliminary Proposals : 

Preliminary Proposals Ivermectin – off label use for pigeons/residue Reinhardt Gromueller Quail value added egg products/tech transfer Evert Vandenborn Diatomaceous earth for internal parasite control- preliminary literature review - in vitro work Rod Reid Squab body wt/feather pattern - selection program Walter and Al Bergen Selenium eggs- nutritionally enhanced eggs Ralph Van Nuys

Develop your ideas!! : 

Develop your ideas!! Take the opportunity provided by research Enhance your competitiveness Ensure your sustainability Grow your business



Alternative Housing: 

Alternative Housing Small bodied leghorn, Lohman White, commercial Brown and Shaver Brown Egg Cross x conventional cage, furnished and free run Egg numbers, egg quality, feed conversion, bone density, feather condition Prelay and nesting behaviors, roosting, preening, dust bathing and aggression and avoidance behaviors Status: Planning stage/ Alta Funding Consortium, PIC, Alta Farm Animal Care and Alta Egg Board Sponsors/Researchers: Dr. Silversides, Dr. Cheng, John Church, Nigel Cook, John Feddes, Doug Korver

Survey of Disease Resistance Genes: 

Survey of Disease Resistance Genes 6 non-commercial flocks and 3 commercial lines will be screened for 12 immune related genes MHC - A series of genes that produce immunoglobulins will be compared across flocks lines Sponsors: Egg Board Scholarship, Dr. Cheng, Susan Lamont, Fariba Izadi Pacific Egg and Poultry Association Scholarship

Emu oil : 

Emu oil Characterize antioxidant/carotenoid profile of emu oil compared to other poultry oils In vitro work on antioxidant properties of emu oil on human blood cells Tests of emu oil mixed with CKBN-01 (soybean derived natural food supplement) using SUS quail line as a model Sponsors/Researchers: Dr. Code, K. Cheng, Dr. Godin, Dr. Luk CK Life Sciences ?

Duck Balut, con’t: 

Duck Balut, con’t Testing eggs at the production level for pathogens - AHC Measure shelf life and quality and safety impacts of storing balut at different temperatures Market research at the retail level Status: Analysis and summarization Sponsor/Researcher: Ken Falk/ Dr. Cheng/Dr. Byrne

Survey of Disease Resistance Genes: 

Survey of Disease Resistance Genes Goals: Identify genetic variability in disease resistance in free range and organic production flocks Examine specificity of avian influenza receptors in these flocks Examine the association of the immune response variability with production traits

Robotic Squab Feeder: 

Robotic Squab Feeder Study feeding behavior Hand feeding experiments – rates, training, frequency, brooding temperatures Designing and testing robotic brooder Status: Camera setup with computerized direct DVD recording Sponsor/Researcher: George Pang/Dr. K. Cheng

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