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Henry Schein is a Technology Leader : 


Why choose Henry Schein as your technology partner? : 

Why choose Henry Schein as your technology partner? One-Source solution for technology, support, supplies and services Successful technology track record Quarter century of medical software development and perfecting Equipment and device connectivity Fortune 500 Stability 500,000 Customers World-wide Over $6.0 Billion in 2008 Sales

Henry Schein Product Portfolio : 

MicroMD PM (Practice Management) MicroMD EMR (Electronic Medical Records) MicroMD EMR Easy MicroMD DMS (Document Management System) SINGLE SOURCE SOLUTION Henry Schein Product Portfolio

MicroMD Software Solutions EMR and Practice Management : 

“We’ve looked at many of the competitors, and based on the implementation, cost, functionality and support there is no one better to fit our practice’s needs than MicroMD EMR.” MicroMD Software Solutions EMR and Practice Management Joanne Halbrecht, MD, FAAOS Boulder Institute for Sports Medicine, P.C., Boulder, CO 14,000 + Providers 2,700+ Physician group practices 40+ specialties Scalable for small offices to large, multi-site clinics

MicroMD Awards and Certifications : 

MicroMD EMR Version 7.0 is a CCHIT CertifiedSM product for CCHIT Ambulatory EHR 2008 MicroMD EMR Version 7.0 is Surescripts® certified for Prescription Routing MicroMD PM ranked second place in the December 2008 Top 20: Best in KLAS Awards Software and Professional Services in the Practice Management category for medical groups with one physician and 26-100 physicians MicroMD Awards and Certifications www.KLASresearch.com

MicroMD PMFeature Overview : 

Scheduling: Manage appointments with ease and precision Registration: Capture and manage patient data efficiently Billing: Simplify billing and accelerate payment AR and Collections: Organize and prioritize workflows for revenue enhancement Claims Management: Leverage intelligent, integrated EDI solutions Reporting: Gain operational and financial insight Specialties: Adapt your software for your expertise MicroMD PMFeature Overview

MicroMD EMRFeature Overview : 

Clinical Documentation E&M Coding Health Maintenance, Alerts and Reminders e-Prescribing Clinical Dashboard Image Management and Annotation Desktop Management Specialty-Driven Templates Physician Orders Device Connectivity Systems Integration and Interoperability MicroMD EMRFeature Overview

Clinical Documentation: Flexible and Customizable : 

Clinical Documentation: Flexible and Customizable MicroMD EMR charting methods allow you to choose the style of documentation that works for you. With MicroMD EMR, each clinician chooses their personal preference regardless of how others in the practice choose to work: Text templates: Free text or handwriting recognition that is formatted into templates similar to paper charts Form encounters: Point-and-click “wizards” following clinical pathways SOAP templates: Standard or custom forms-based templates with discrete data entry Voice recognition: Speech recognition that is formatted into templates For common conditions, templates allow physicians to quickly apply pre-defined treatment plans and more, eliminating redundant entries and providing complete documentation of the visit. Fast Access to Patient Histories MicroMD EMR provides the physician with easy access to vital signs, lab results, allergies, medication lists and all other patient data for review during the exam. In addition, setting and monitoring patient goals, health maintenance or custom treatment plans are all available to the physician at the point of care. This historical information, together with clinical decision support rules built into the system, will present you with the information necessary to provide the highest quality of healthcare.

E&M Coding: For Confident Reimbursement : 

E&M Coding: For Confident Reimbursement With MicroMD EMR, you’ll bill for all evaluation and management (E&M) services you provide—while minimizing the risk of overbilling. More than a tool for simply recording visit details, MicroMD EMR’s comprehensive E&M calculator generates accurate codes for you. This tool helps prevent undercoding and maximizes reimbursement for the services you provide.

Health Maintenance Alerts and Reminders: Promote Healthy Outcomes : 

Health Maintenance Alerts and Reminders: Promote Healthy Outcomes Medical practices use MicroMD EMR to ensure that patients receive the care they need—at the times they need it. Whether care is based upon national protocols, pay-for-performance requirements or the practice’s own protocols, MicroMD EMR provides the necessary tools to gather and maintain a high level of compliance. MicroMD EMR allows providers to review health maintenance requirements for patients who are being seen that day, and recall patients who are out of compliance with the defined protocols. Patient Education and Goal Monitoring MicroMD EMR is a powerful tool for tracking patient progress, educating patients and promoting healthy outcomes. An integral part of MicroMD EMR, these health maintenance features are accessible through the physician’s desktop view or within each patient chart. And whatever your specialty, MicroMD EMR helps you manage the health of your patient population according to national standards or your own guidelines

e-Prescribing: Time Savings and Improved Safety : 

e-Prescribing: Time Savings and Improved Safety MicroMD EMR provides your practice with integrated e-Prescribing functions that will streamline prescriptions and refills while eliminating pharmacy call-backs. Providers can quickly prescribe and route prescriptions directly to pharmacies—electronically, via fax or printed script. MicroMD EMR performs cross-checks to alert physicians to potential interactions based on updated rules provided by First DataBank®. Pharmacy Communications MicroMD EMR provides your practice with a connection to more than 95 percent of pharmacies in the U.S. In cooperation with SureScripts®, MicroMD EMR sends scripts electronically from your practice—and receives refill requests sent to you from the pharmacies—eliminating the need for phone calls and faxes.

Clinical Dashboard: View Your Patient’s Most Pertinent Data at Once : 

Clinical Dashboard: View Your Patient’s Most Pertinent Data at Once Through the clinical dashboard, MicroMD EMR quickly pulls together the specific data the physician wants to see relating to a given patient’s particular condition or health status. At a glance, a provider can quickly view the most pertinent details for an annual check-up, an asthma patient visit, a wrist injury, a diabetic consultation or any other clinical scenario. Each physician user can create multiple templates with customized views for quick clinical data review. The clinical dashboard accommodates both primary care and specialty care physicians. A primary care physician’s patient-centric view might combine lab results, long-term medications, vital signs and prevention programs on one screen. Meanwhile, a specialist’s more disease-specific view may capture family history, diagnostic imaging results, patient problems, vital signs and long-term medications. Graphical Views of Clinical Data Based on your preference, the MicroMD EMR dashboard also creates visuals that help you and your patient better understand his or her health status. MicroMD EMR’s goal monitoring feature, also accessible through the clinical dashboard, is an easy-to-use tool for preventive care and health promotion. When printed as hand-outs, the dashboard snapshots, graphs and progress reports can enhance patient education and treatment compliance.

*Image Management and Annotation: Save and Mark-Up Diagnostic and Anatomical Images : 

*Image Management and Annotation: Save and Mark-Up Diagnostic and Anatomical Images With MicroMD EMR, your patients’ clinical images can be seamlessly integrated into the electronic medical record. CT scans, MRIs, x-rays and other images are readily accessible at the point of care. You can also use MicroMD EMR to add notes to patients’ digital images. In addition, MicroMD EMR provides access to an extensive library of medical diagrams, providing a powerful patient education tool. While explaining a condition or an injury to a patient, you can annotate these diagrams to illustrate and explain the diagnosis and course of treatment. * Imaging features are intended for documentation and patient education purposes and should not be used for diagnosis or treatment.

Desktop Management: Manage Your Workload on Your Own Terms : 

Desktop Management: Manage Your Workload on Your Own Terms In addition to eliminating the need for physical patient charts, MicroMD EMR takes your desktop paperless. MicroMD EMR streamlines your routine tasks into an electronic to-do list and provides a single, structured point of access to your common work activities: signing encounters, reviewing lab results, authorizing prescriptions, tracking orders, receiving reminders, communicating with staff and more. MicroMD EMR communication options include text or voice messages, documents and images Remote Access Because your tasks are always organized and accessible—even remotely—you’ll get more work done in between patient visits or whenever your schedule allows. MicroMD EMR prevents your to-do list from becoming unmanageable.

Specialty-Driven Templates: Customize Your EMR with Ease : 

Specialty-Driven Templates: Customize Your EMR with Ease With MicroMD EMR, providers can use pre-built templates to start using the electronic medical record (EMR) quickly. Starter history, treatment plan and other templates save time and effort. The MicroMD suite of specialty templates was created by physicians to meet individual specialty needs. And MicroMD EMR’s multiple encounter capture options— template- or forms-driven, voice dictation, handwriting recognition, text-based data entry—accommodate virtually any discipline. Convenient, Do-It-Yourself Customization MicroMD EMR allows providers to define templates on their own, as they go. Unlike most EMRs, MicroMD EMR does not require IT staff involvement for template modifications. Practices begin by using MicroMD EMR pre-built templates, which are available for primary care practices and a range of specialties. Cardiology Dermatology Ear, Nose and Throat Gastroenterology OB/GYN Pediatrics Primary & Internal Medicine Urology And many more—contact us to discuss your specialty and how we can meet your needs.

Physician Orders: Have Confidence in Patient Compliance : 

Physician Orders: Have Confidence in Patient Compliance MicroMD EMR provides the tools required to effectively order, deliver and track orders—all from the physician’s desktop. MicroMD EMR streamlines communication of your orders and adds intelligence to the tracking process. From the physician’s desktop view, MicroMD EMR presents unreconciled orders, lab and test statuses, procedure follow-up, referral compliance, immunization and nursing care orders. MicroMD EMR lets you track outbound orders by type, provider, date, department, lab or referral source. In addition to raising productivity, automated ordering and results tracking saves valuable staff time. It also improves patient compliance by reminding patients that they are due for certain medical services.

Device Connectivity: See Clinical Data in Real Time : 

Device Connectivity: See Clinical Data in Real Time Connectivity to digital devices provides direct input of results into MicroMD EMR, eliminating data entry and scanning for vital signs and in-office diagnostics. Through strategic partnerships, MicroMD EMR extends its capabilities and helps healthcare practitioners document completely and efficiently, minimize errors and provide the highest quality of care. Vital Signs and Cardiopulmonary MicroMD EMR interfaces with digital cardiopulmonary and vital signs monitoring devices, eliminating manual data entry to improve collection of and access to readings such as blood pressure and pulse rates. Diagnostic Devices A number of products fully integrate with MicroMD EMR to allow ordering and results acquisition of resting ECG, Holter and diagnostic spirometry data.

Systems Integration and Interoperability: Explore a Range of Features and Benefits : 

Systems Integration and Interoperability: Explore a Range of Features and Benefits MicroMD EMR’s open-architecture design allows integration and interoperability with a wide variety of third-party systems. Through the HL7 standard, XML specification, and Internet protocols, MicroMD EMR exchanges bi-directional information, giving providers vital access to the data they need at the point of care. The MicroMD system is fully HIPAA compliant. HL7/XML Microsoft Office CPT® and ICD Codes First DataBank® (FDB) HCPCS Remote Scanning SNOMED CT® (Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine-Clinical Terms) Security Practice Management Device Connectivity Lab and Hospital Connectivity e-Prescribing Transcription Speech Recognition Immunizations/Vaccines Fax

MicroMD EMR EasyFeature Overview : 

e-Superbill: Select the appropriate assessment and procedure codes during the visit, with the click of a mouse e-Prescribing: Immediate access to patient’s current medications, allergies and problems Phone Messaging: Quickly send and retrieve patient-specific messages that are automatically saved to the patient’s chart MicroMD EMR EasyFeature Overview

MicroMD DMSFeature Overview : 

MicroMD DMSFeature Overview Patient Account Charts: Store charts, faxes or template-generated documents relating to specific patients. Office File Cabinets: Maintain employee attendance records, vendor-related information, letter formats or other documents not related to specific patients. Document Annotation: Mark up documents as if writing on paper. Tools available for drawing on, typing in or cropping document images. Templates: Create Microsoft Word, Excel and blank text files from templates. Unfiled Folders: Streamline scanning of large volumes of documents with enhanced scanning and filing options, including batch scanning.

Systems Integration and Interoperability : 


Digital Device Interfaces : 

MicroMD EMR provides integration with a number of medical and diagnostic device manufactures such as Welch Allyn, Midmark and Burdick. Digital Device Interfaces

Our Commitment : 

Commitment to Core Services Provide an EMR/PM solution with all the necessary features and benefits to meet your individual needs Commitment to Product Development Ongoing investment towards product research and development Strict testing and beta site procedures Commitment to Support and Training Training is localized with professionals who are expert consultants in office workflow Our Commitment

Why MicroMD Solutions? : 

Experience 25 years of experience in software development and support under the direction of the same executive team 16 average years of experience of support staff Established Client Base 14,000+ Physicians using MicroMD (Nationwide) 42 different specialties of MicroMD PM Users High customer loyalty and retention rate Awards and Certifications (CCHIT and KLAS) The Henry Schein Advantage - Full Solutions Partner Why MicroMD Solutions?

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