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Slippery Slope:

By: Alea Miller and Alexandria Campbell Slippery Slope

What is a Slippery Slope?:

What is a Slippery Slope? Well, let’s define it!!!!!

A Slippery Slope Is…:

A Slippery Slope Is… A form of argument that states that one small step leads to a set of related effects that are significant. This argument ignores the middle ground and makes the assumption that there is a discrete transition from category A to category B. Modern usage, however, avoids the fallacy by acknowledging that it is possible to have a middle ground .

Kind of Like Dominos!:

Kind of Like Dominos!

Here is an example of some times of Slippery Slopes. (Told through Gun Registration Argument.):

Here is an example of some times of Slippery Slopes. (Told through Gun Registration Argument.) 1 . Cost-lowering : Once all gun owners have registered their firearms, the government will know exactly from whom to confiscate firearms. Gun-control opponents argue against limits on the sale of "assault weapons" because the confiscation of sportsmen's shotguns will soon follow. Meanwhile, government officials defend their inflexible enforcement of a regulation, even in circumstances that some see as unfair, because allowing an exception would open the floodgates. 2 . Legal rule combination : Previously the government might need to search every house to confiscate guns, and such a search would violate the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Registration would eliminate that problem.


Continued… 3. Attitude altering : People may begin to think of gun ownership as a privilege rather than a right, and thus regard gun confiscation less seriously. 4. Small change tolerance, colloquially referred to as the "boiling frog" : People may ignore gun registration because it constitutes just a small change, but when combined with other small changes, it could lead to the equivalent of confiscation.


Continued… 5. Political power : The hassle of registration may reduce the number of gun owners, and thus the political power of the gun-ownership bloc. 6. Political momentum : Once the government has passed this gun law it becomes easier to pass other gun laws, including laws like confiscation.

There are also Semantically Forms of the Slippery Slope.:

There are also Semantically Forms of the Slippery Slope.


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