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Managing Diversity : 

Managing Diversity MNCs represents diverse workforce in form of regions,ages,religious,genders and cultures. Human resorce managers manage such diversity as effective manner and gain profits in terms of innovation,motivation and productivity. For effective staffing any international company adopts Diversity Policy

Process of Managing Diversity : 

Process of Managing Diversity First of all certain parameters are made fore diverse workforce like need for diversity,vision of diversity,commitment to diversity,systems and structures for diversity, sustaining. Secondally HR managers hires diverse workforce and maintain at the criteria of equity in assessing performance,promotion or compensation policies.

Managing diversity(contd) : 

Managing diversity(contd) Diversity affects extra cost-burden on global company like cash cost,opportunity cost, business risks but nowadays human is the most valuable asset in global company so they think investment in diverse workforce gives them a long term additional benefit.


OUTSORCING The new trend of global staffing is outsourcing. Outsourcing Outsourcing is the act of moving some of the organisation’s internal activities and decision responsibility to external service providers. Global company outsourced some HR activities like payroll, benefits administration, control staffing.

Benefits of outsourcing : 

Benefits of outsourcing HR deptt fulfill strategic and operational motives for the benefit of the company. It is very helpful to reduce bureaucracy in the organization. It encourages more responsive culture in the organization by introducing external market forces in the organization. Negative impact- The relevance of HR deptt may be in stake

Background Checks : 

Background Checks Background checks are very popular in international staffing because 30% of resumes of applicants are fake. It also helps to discover new information on the history or past performance of the candidate. It also helps to avoid those candidates who misuse information accessible to them while at work.

contd : 

contd Some background checks are Educational qualification Employment Address Professional qualification Credit and bankruptcy Database Probable criminal records

Sources of Recruiting : 

Sources of Recruiting The hiring process in global company is changed due to increasing demand for resources and it is very effective and competent.There are some examples as such Recruitment tool % of companies user Job posting websites 92% Own company’s website 85% Employer referral programme 81% Recruiters(external) 59% Recruiters(internal) 42% Ads in local media 48% and so on

Dual career couple : 

Dual career couple In MNCs dual career couple refer to a situation where both husband and wife are in jobs.HR manager manages this situation in different way. Turdown the foreign assignment It is very simple for HR manager.But it affects the employees career. Find a job for the trailing spouse In this way of staffing there will be no problem for wife and husband. Commuter assignments In this way couple live in same country/adjoining country/within same geographical region and company provides subsidised telephone bills and air tickets

Contd : 

Contd Sabatical In this way of international staffing,husband takes a careerbreak to accompany her wife when she works abroad Intra-company employment In this way of international assignment both wife and husband are send in same foreign company.In Australian multinationals it is very popular

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