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The study of our human embodied experience in the face of rapid change Embodied Futures: Participating in a solution-based relationship with transforming the future

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SELF Immediate others Local Community GLOBAL COMMUNITY

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Embodied Futures: Participating in a solution-based relationship with transforming the future. An intersection of: Information Complexity Change & Our experience with self-other-group

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What organizes our complexity?

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What organizes our complexity?

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What organizes our power?

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What informs our power?

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How do we relate?

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What Organizes Complexity?

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The Body; the body-mind, the whole being, the embodied brain, the Soma

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Not the medical body

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Not the consumer body!

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Not the sexualized consumer body

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The Experience Body!

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The interiority of experience!

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Somatic I &I I & other I & all Science Social Education Psychology

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Hershock Twin concerns: Globally deepening interdependence has been meaning greater inequity and manifestly less sustainable practices across a wide range of sectors from the social and economic to the political and cultural. Our predominant means for engaging global interdependence seem not to be up to the task, and are actually at considerable odds with the emerging 21st century realities of truly complex relationally and accelerating change. In spite of many manifestly good intentions, our global interdependence has, for a great many people, been going ever more troubling awry.

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Experience Somatics Science Psychology Education neuroscience Neurobiology Attachment Developmental Body movement Alexander technique Psychophysiology Yoga Martial arts language knowledge implicit thinking writing trauma medical psychosomatic myofacia Structural integration reich Issues in tissues Social psych biopsych mindfulness technology seratonin heart Gut brain Social political economic Fitting in consumer PAST future present Evolutionary bio communication communication communication communication consensus internet connection technology

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SELF Immediate others Local Community GLOBAL COMMUNITY

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General Theory of Love

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The Stream of Experience Mind Body The World Our Self Friends and Family

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The brain is shaped through interaction Affective Neuroscience Schore, 1994

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Nature Needs Nurture

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We are open Source or Open circles “Total self sufficiency turns out to be a day dream whose bubble is burst by the sharp edge of the limbic brain. Stability means finding people who regulate you well and staying near them.” Gen. Theory of Love p.86

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We are shaped by a complex web of interactions between multiple feedback loops These loops are between mind and body, between body and others, mind and others, sense of self and world, etc.

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Our brain-body is self-organizing And its biological function is self regulation

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The body the shore the ocean is being

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The Body-brain Neo-Cortical Limbic Reptilian/ Brain Stem Information from the world; ENVIRONMENTAL &INTERACTIVE SIGHT SMELL & TASTE HEARING TOUCH FEELINGS THE INNER SOMATIC LIFE Pulsating Pulsating

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Right-Brain Empathic Felt Sense Symphony Play Implicit Felt Sense Processes big picture biological Left-Brain Logic Strategy Self Narrative Details Linear Words Talking Processes Little Picture Modern Heart-Brain Effects brain and nervous system Electromagnetic Frequency Timing Pulsating Centering Processing Center Hormone creator and regulator Gut Brain Produces Serotonin Capable of profound interoception Four Perceptual bio-electric processors that organize information

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SELF Immediate others Local Community GLOBAL COMMUNITY

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Body-Mind Psychotherapy & Alan Schore & Social Intelligence & Living Systems

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Social Intelligence & The Autonomic Nervous System Wired to connect

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“Social interactions have far reaching consequences that ripple throughout the body, sending out cascades of hormones that regulate biological systems from our heart to our immune cells” “The Movies we watch commandeer our brain” The “Low Road” is the circuitry that operates beneath our awareness, automatically, and effortlessly, with immense speed. The “High Road” runs through neural systems that work more methodically and step by step, with deliberate effort.

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The Triune Brain Neo-Cortical Limbic Reptilian/ Brain Stem

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Formation Growth Self-Design Joy & Pleasure Creativity & Resource Metabolization Re-integration Deep processing Repair Digesting Experience We digest and grow We grow and protect Neuroplacticity-Learning to Play the Guitar (Davidson R. , 2005)

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It is too clear and so it is hard to see. A dunce once searched for a fire with a lighted lantern. Had he known what fire was, He could have cooked his rice much sooner. - Joshu Washes the Bowl, The Gateless Gate Zen Flesh, Zen Bones, p. 176 Translated by Paul Reps and NyogenSenzaki

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Basic Pulsation and self regulation Expansion & Contraction

Autonomic Nervous SystemSensorimotor Processing : 

Autonomic Nervous SystemSensorimotor Processing The primary interface between the inner and outer world Regulates use of Energy Both Conscious and Unconscious Breath- inhale and exhale

Sympathetic : 

Sympathetic Fight or Flight Ready for action Burst of Energy Contraction Interferes with free pulsation and streaming

Parasympathetic : 

Parasympathetic Rest and relaxation Metabolizing/Digesting Restorative Expansion/interconnection Dorsal Vagal-Freeze Ventral Vagal-Connection

Parasympathetic Two Sides : 

Parasympathetic Two Sides Ventral Vagal Nerve Social Engagement Connection Acute Facial Reading Reaching Mammalian Dorsal Vagal Nerve Freezing Energy Conservation Mock Death Low O2 Reptilian Some have suggested that this side of the ANS is the side of free will because of compassion. (Keltner, 2004)

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Three Primary Emotions Anger/Assertion/Mobilize Love/Reaching Connection Fear/Preserve/ Live Sympathetic Parasympathetic Dorsal Vagal Nerve Ventral Vagal Nerve

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Our brain-body is self-organizing And its biological function is self regulation

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Hershock “Allostasis refers to the process of maintaining stability in the course of responding to challenge and reflects an understanding of health as a capacity for adaptation. Allostatic load consists of the cumulative somatic and psychic burden of repeatedly responding to challenge. This includes not only the total effects of chronic stress but also the genetic, developmental, and environmental factors that condition the effectiveness of adaptive responses to challenge. A rapidly growing body of medical research now confirms the extent to which the capacity for adaptation is conditioned by the interdependence of experience mediated by the CNS, the endocrine system, and the immune system.” pg 42

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SELF Immediate others Local Community GLOBAL COMMUNITY

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The Experience Body!

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“Social skills depends on mirror neurons”pg42 Memes are ideas that spread mind to mind, much like a gene which replicates itself by being passed on Group Contagion Elevation, the research suggest, mat be catching Empathy is “Feeling Into” Our brain has been preset for kindness Modern life militates against it (Care), we largely relate to those in need at a distance. That separation means we experience cognitive empathy rather than the immediacy of direct emotional contagion.

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"We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us" -Marshall McLuhan

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“It’s a loop”

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“It’s a loop” SELF Immediate others Local Community GLOBAL COMMUNITY “It’s a loop”

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“It’s a loop”

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“It’s a loop”

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HERSHOCK Colonization of Consciousness: “Through the consumption of mass media (as well as other commodities), attention is systematically exported out of our immediate situation. This compromises relational depth and quality, effectively eroding presently obtaining patterns of mutual support and contribution, and triggers further and still more extensive commodity consumption. As this recursive process intensifies beyond the point at which all major subsistence needs have been commoditized, consciousness itself is effectively colonized. The relational capabilities of both persons and communities atrophy, situational diversity is converted into circumstantial variety, and the very resources needed to meaningfully respond to and resolve our suffering or troubles are systematically depleted.”

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“Humans react to stress in their environments by withdrawing the locus of selfhood inward, in a numbing withdrawal from the world called ‘auto amputation.’ This withdrawal in turn facilitates and requires compensating technological extensions that project the ‘body-as-prosthesis’ back out into the world. McLuhan clearly sees that electronic media are capable of bringing about a reconfiguration so extensive as to change the nature of [being human].” Hayles, 1999. Pg 34

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Current Body-Mind Epidemics considered to be a result of pace, stress, and scale of Modernity: Acid Reflux Peptic Ulcers Hiatus Hernia Irritable Bowel Syndrome Spastic Colitis Tension Headache Migraine Frequent Urination Tinnitus Some Sexual Dysfunction Fibromyalgia Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Chronic Pain

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SELF Immediate others Local Community GLOBAL COMMUNITY

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Solution-Based Relationships: HERSHOCK: “It means keen attunement to the dramatic forces shaping both present and historical situational dynamics. “Going Crosswise”means breaking sufficiently with the patterns of value-intention-action that have occasioned present realities to improvise relational changes that will resolve the suffering and trouble entailed by these realities. It is going skillfully and deeply enough against the dramatic grain of troubled and troubling situations to effectively consolidate shared commitments for actively revising what they will come to mean.” p. 10

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Instead of this: Resources Drawn Out on Now

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THIS! Resources gifted to Now

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LOVE? HEALTH? WELL BEING? HERSHOCK: “At the very least, it urges affirmation that arises through open and properly aligned and balanced reciprocal interactions among physical, biological, cognitive, social, and cultural dimensions of human being. Health is not a state to be achieved and maintained-the model of homeostasis; it is a distinctly creative quality of interrelatedness.” P. 42 HEALTH LOVE SOMATIC LIFE

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SELF Immediate others Local Community GLOBAL COMMUNITY

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“The Formulation of the problem is often more essential than the solution.” Einstein

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Left brain functions uses logic detail oriented facts rule words and language present and past math and science can comprehend knowing acknowledges order/pattern perception knows object name reality based forms strategies practical safe Right brain functions uses feeling "big picture" oriented imagination rules symbols and images present and future philosophy & religion can "get it" (i.e. meaning) believes appreciates spatial perception knows object function fantasy based presents possibilities impetuous risk taking

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The Right and Left Brain from a developmental perspective.

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Emotional Currency

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Right Brain Functions at Birth Responsible for: Processing, expression, and regulation of emotional information Memorial storage of emotional faces Representational system based on self-and-object Appraisal processes Directed Attention Tracking emotionally relevant objects in extra-personal space or integrating internal stimuli with external stimuli Processing social signals for initiation of interaction Regulation of the body and motivational states Connected to the BODY Internal working models of Attachment states Enables Empathy, Humor, and other human subjective states Mapping Bodily states-visceral, muscular, skin etc According to Alan Schore

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Left Brain Functioning over time Left Hemisphere online @ 1 ½ with a growth spurt and the formation of language Nueroimaging reveals: High activation of left while reading and through time declined activity in the right. Revealing left as processing specifics Mapping between sounds and letters Visual symbols Linear Reasoning Language analytical

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The Body A Tree The body a tree God a wind When he moves me like this, Like this, Angels bump heads with each other Gathering beneath my cheeks, Holding their wine Barrels Catching the brilliant tear Pearl Rain Hafiz

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Bilateral brain Activity and tracking the future as it emerges

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One in Four IT jobs will be offshore by 2010 3.3Million jobs will move to low cost countries like India, China, and Russia by 2015 in 1991 61% of management companies hired MBA’s now only 43% with MBA’s Now MFA’s are sought after as a new emerging “Creative Class” IQ vs. EQ- IQ accounts for career success? 4-10% UCLA medical school has established empathy courses and an empathy index Pursuits devoted to meaning and transcendence- 10 million adults now engage in some for of spiritual or mindful practice An ever growing subculture of 50 million Americans that researchers Anderson & Ray 2000 call “Cultural Creatives” Generalized Anxiety Disorder costs America 4 Billion a year Vicarious trauma is creating a shortage of therapists to treat soldiers returning from Iraq Child Diabetes Obesity Heart Disease Chronic Fatigue Syndrome PTSD Autisim Within our thriving global economy 850 million people w/o food & live in poverty Spending on healthcare off the charts, yet health care outcomes are no better than less developed societies. Climate change etc 40,000 children die of preventable diseases everyday Just a Few Facts

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Exponential Growth in Information and thoughts on the school system Memorizing Facts is obsolete VS. Learning how to find, use, and apply knowledge Need more critical, global, holistic, and systems thinking. More Emotional Intelligence Respectful dialogue between teachers and students Multicultural society Creativity as gateway to innovation skills Tony Wagner Harvard 2005

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We are In Sync

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While hospitalized, she experienced the presence of people the way I do. She found people to be energizing when they were being attentive, caring and responsive to her. Quite the opposite, people were extremely draining when they were agitated, preoccupied or controlling. She suggests that our right brains experience people's energy like this all the time but we only feel it when our left brain is quiet. When we stop thinking, we can feel like we are in a sea of diverse energies. Our right brains have no sense of where our insides end and anything outside of us begins. They cannot perceive edges, objects or separate things. Our right brains have no sense of time, sequencing or duration. Every experience is right now and new. Our right brains experience everything without language, categories or logic. Others' body language is extremely vivid while speech is meaningless. Our right brains are very impressed by visual images, smells, sounds and touch. They recall previous impressions holistically. They cannot criticize or condemn anyone or anything that happens. Right brain functionality blesses and includes all experiences as is.

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The bee emerging from deep within the peony departs reluctantly Basho

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According to D. Pink

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Essential Skills for an emergent world: A Radical Reorientation Thinking Through the Body Presenceing Learning how to learn Resiliency in both-Group Attunement/Autonomy Pattern Recognition and meaning making Redesigning your Resume-the value is the experience you provide Authentic attunement to the internal states of self/other/group

Practices of Integrative Communication : 

Practices of Integrative Communication Awareness. Be mindful of your own feelings and bodily responses and others’ nonverbal signals. Attunement. Allow your own state of mind/body to align with that of another. Empathy. Open your mind to sense another’s experience and point of view. Expression. Communicate your internal responses with respect; make the internal external. Joining. Share openly in the give-and-take of communication, both verbally and nonverbally Clarification. Help make sense of the experience of another Sovereignty. Respect the dignity and separateness of each individual’s mind/body



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The Experience Body!

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http://wan-tee.blogspot.com/2009/05/human-and-plant-growth.html GROWTH IS CONTINUOUS

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How do we organize the complexity?

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What is Liberation?

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How are we connected?

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How do we know each other?

Slide 117: 

How do we relate?

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How do we organize the complexity?

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