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• Scorpio Engineering BMH Pvt. Ltd. part of Scorpio Engineering Group is a Bulk Material handling systems and equipments engineering and manufacturing Company established in 1984. Since then the company has grown to be an industry leader in light and heavy bulk material handling systems. • The heavy bulk systems are handled by Scorpio Engineering Pvt. Ltd. while the light in-plant systems and equipments are handled by Scorpio Engineering BMH Pvt. Ltd. • The Company is professionally managed by an experienced team of Marketing Operations and Technology engineers and managers. About Scorpio BMH

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The mobile hopper hopper can discharge to a belt conveyor or to trucks parked below. Suitable discharge arrangement can be provided which can also be controlled electrically. With state of the art features: ❖ Dust control pulse jet vent filters ❖ With swing flaps for dust sealing ❖ Rail or Tyre Mounted ❖ Self-propelled or towed by crane or prime movers ❖ Discharge to Jetty Conveyors or Trucks ❖ Telescopic loading spouts ❖ Slide Gate or Sector Gates ❖ Hydraulic Jacking system ❖ Wind Barriers Mobile Hopper Manufacturers

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Scorpio’s F.I.B.C. Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers FILLERS and UNLOADERS are completely self-contained units that come in a “ready-to-use” condition. All you have to do is provide a one-point power and compressed air supply Specifications: ❖ Bag size handled: 90 cm x 90cm x 120cm. Contact for other sizes ❖ No. of Loops: 4 Nos. ❖ Discharge type: Bottom spout. By untieing the draw string provided ❖ Hopper holding capacity: 1000 lit. ❖ MOC: MS construction / SS304 contact parts ❖ Control Voltage: 24V DC / 110V AC / 220V AC ❖ Dust collector: In-built. ❖ Filter Cleaning: Sequential reverse pulse jet cleaning Ship Unloader Manufacturers

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Dense Phase Transporters Denseflo Vessels are the heart of systems handling material pneumatically in dense phase mode. They consist of a Coded Pressure Vessel with specially designed valves instrumentation and controls. Specifications: ❖ Conveying material: Almost all powdered material ❖ Conveying capacity : Upto 150 TPH ❖ Conveying distance: Upto 1000m Please check with SEBMH for particular application ❖ MOC: MS construction / SS304 contact parts ❖ Paint: Synthetic Enamel paint - 100DFT. Optional: Epoxy paint ❖ Offer : Complete package with PLC/ SCADA installation and commissioning Pneumatic Conveying System

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Scorpio Bag Slitting Machine Model: Multicut is a versatile automatic slitter and earns its name owing to its ability to cut any type of bag be it paper or HDPE. Specifications: ❖ MOC: MS construction / SS contact parts Optional ❖ Capacity: 300 to 600 bags/hour of 25 to 50 kg. ❖ Type of bag: HDPE / Paper bags ❖ Bag dimension: L x B x H 900 x 770 x 250 mm ❖ Max. Lump size: Powder and pellets special design avilable for lumps application ❖ Bag feed conveyor: Additional based on requirement ❖ Control Voltage: 24V DC / 110V AC / 220V AC ❖ Filter Cleaning: Sequential reverse pulse jet cleaning mechanism Bag Slitting Machine Manufacturers

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Used for material storage purposes and are custom-built. Available in various sizes the construction can be conical rectangular cylindrical etc. Designed for mass flow discharge to prevent any rat holing arching bridging of materials. Specifications: ❖ Type: Circular / Rectangular ❖ MOC: MS construction / SS304 construction / Linered silos ❖ Size : Designed to customer requirement Large silos upto 1000M3 ❖ Paint: Synthetic enamel paint - 100 DFT. Optional: Epoxy paint ❖ Supporting Structure : Will be provided as additional ❖ Load cells and Weight indicators: Will be provided as additional Storage Silos Manufacturers

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Scorpio’s Bulk Tankers are used to haul a major amount of dry bulk material across large distances from supplier to user for industries such as Food Minerals Cement Chemicals Petrochemicals etc. Proper logistics can lead to low inventories. Specifications: ❖ Capacity: 10 16m3 gross volume. ❖ Discharge type: Conical discharge / Aerated bottom discharge ❖ Application: Fine Powders / Pellets / PVC Resin etc. ❖ Conveying type: Compressed Air/ Roots Blowers ❖ Conveying distance: Preferably less than 30 mtr. ❖ Safety Valve: Provided ❖ MOC: MS construction / SS304 contact parts ❖ Discharge Capacity: 5 -15 TPH Pl contact us for specific application Bulk Material Handling Manufacturers

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Contact us Scorpio Engineering BMH Pvt. Ltd. Scorpio House 132 Wheeler Road Cox Town Bangalore 560 005 India Phone :+91 80 48518223 Phone : +91 80 25487578 E-mail : Website :

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