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Influenza Vaccines Market, By Product Type (Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine, Recombinant Influenza Vaccine, Conjugated Vaccine, Toxoid Vaccine, And Inactivated And Subunit Vaccine), By Vaccine Type (Monovalent And Multivalent), By Virus Type (Type A And Type B), By End-Users (Adults And Pediatric) – Global Industry Insights, Trends And Forecast, 2017-2025


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Influenza Vaccines Market By Product Type Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine Recombinant Influenza Vaccine Conjugated Vaccine Toxoid Vaccine And Inactivated And Subunit Vaccine By Vaccine Type Monovalent And Multivalent By Virus Type Type A And Type B By End-Users Adults And Pediatric – Global Industry Insights Trends And Forecast 2017-2025 Influenza Vaccines Market Global Influenza Vaccines Market Influenza Vaccines Market Trends Influenza Vaccines Market Forecast Influenza Vaccines Market Size: Introduction Influenza virus generally referred to as flu is a common infectious disease. Its symptoms include a cough fever muscle pain joint pain and severe headaches. Sometimes influenza illness can even occasionally lead to death. As per World Health Organization WHO hospitalization related to severe illness affected with influenza ranged between 3.0 to 5.0 million and in which deaths related to influenza virus ranged in between 290000 to 650000 in the year 2017. There are various types of influenza vaccines such as adjuvant

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inactivated influenza vaccine inactivated influenza vaccine live attenuated influenza vaccine toxoid vaccine and recombinant influenza vaccine. The worldwide spread of influenza virus epidemic is expected to drive the influenza vaccines market size over the projected period. Request for a sample copy of this report Market Dynamics The rising number of influenza vaccines approvals is expected to augment the influenza vaccines market size on a global scale. Increasing number of government initiatives towards the development of various vaccines to treat multiple health disorders is further anticipated to push the influenza vaccines market towards growth. For example the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation in April 2018 announced a sum of US 12.0 million along with Lucy and Larry page for researchers to present innovative ideas affordable and effective flu vaccines. Additionally National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease NIAID in May 2018 supported the trial of universal influenza vaccines which will in turn provide significant growth opportunities for the global influenza vaccines market size. Continual mutation of the influenza virus has resulted in the advent of a newer virus which is unaffected by the existing vaccines which in turn leading to newer RD practices to come up with newer vaccine formulae which creates a significant hike in the vaccines’ price. This is expected to be one of the major restraining factors of the global influenza vaccines market size. Segment Analysis Live attenuated influenza vaccines LAIV segment is expected to dominate the global influenza vaccines market over the forecast period due to their immunity-boosting abilities by weakening the influenza viruses. Lesser side

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effects associated with LAIV and availability of a wide range of approved LAIV Such as Fluenz and FluMist is also contributing a significant share in driving the growth of this segment. Among vaccine types multivalent vaccines especially quadrivalent influenza vaccines are expected to dominate the market during the forecast period due to their approval from FDA low cost and their suitability to be consumed by population belonging above the age group of 2 years. Regional Insight North America is expected to hold a prime market share in the global influenza vaccines market owing to rising numbers of RD activities by some of the major players of the market along with government support to come up with novel vaccine portfolio for the treatment of influenza virus. Asia Pacific influenza vaccines market is expected to witness a prime growth rate during the forecast period owing to the increase in geriatric population coupled with the economic growth in developing nations like China and India which can lead to the expanding healthcare expenditure capacity in the region which in turn will drive the Asia Pacific influenza vaccines market over the projected period. For more information about this report vaccines-market Competitive Landscape Some of the key players operating in the influenza vaccines market include GlaxoSmithKline plc Novartis International A.G. Sanofi S.A. Johnson Johnson Inc. and CSL Limited among others. Major market players are focusing on acquisition activities to expand their product portfolio along with concerns to improve their market share and geographical reach. For instance

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In August 2017 Sanofi acquired Protein Sciences a U.S.-based vaccines biotechnology company for the expansion of its influenza vaccine product portfolio. As a result of this acquisition Flubok that was the only recombinant protein-based influenza vaccine approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration FDA which got added to Sanofi Pasteur’s influenza vaccine product portfolio. About Us: Insights and Reports is a research and consulting group assisting the clients with 360-degree insights with real time qualitative and quantitative information. The Insights and Reports team is valued for continuous client- oriented services. Our data scientists monitor the markets pertaining to their expertise on a daily basis with the help of 150+ analysts to back them with accurate market studies. Contact Us: Mr.Saby Insights And Reports 2201 Cooperative Way 600 Herndon VA 20171 USA. Tel: +1 703 574 4447

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