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Finance Zone Functional Regional Leadership ConferenceAugust 12, 2006: 

Finance Zone Functional Regional Leadership Conference August 12, 2006 Christin Renee’ Taylor Region V Finance Chair ’06-07


Overview Introducing YOUR Finance Zone Structure of the Finance Zone Who are YOU!?!??! Regional Finance Zone Structure Knowing your Role as Finance Chair Communication Relationships Monthly Reports Finance Zone Expectations

Presenting….YOUR Region V Finance Zone ’06-07: 

Presenting…. YOUR Region V Finance Zone ’06-07 Brandon Shaw Region V Treasurer Chair of the Finance Zone. Develops, implements, and maintains an effective regional financial management system. Develops and maintains the annual regional budget. Develops and maintains the regional financial account records. Develops guidelines for the allocation and disbursements of funds. Develops and implements effective strategies to help chapter develop and maintain a good financial management system.

YOUR Region V Finance Zone ’06-07: 

YOUR Region V Finance Zone ’06-07 Christin R. Taylor Region V Finance Chair Develops, coordinates, and monitors all all regional fundraising programs and activities. Distributes the regional solicitation packet to corporate sponsors. Maintains a database of previous contributors. Develops regional fundraising by assisting with effective strategies to chapters to raise funds.

YOUR Region V Finance Zone ’06-07: 

YOUR Region V Finance Zone ’06-07 Mustafa Alamin Region V Fall Regional Conference Chair Directs, coordinates, and monitors the planning of the Fall Regional Conference. Ensures the purpose, focus, theme, and agenda for the conference is followed.


Name School Major Position Number of years in NSBE Past Positions in NSBE Please state:

Regional Finance Zone Structure : 

Regional Finance Zone Structure

Christin Says: “KNOW YOUR ROLE and GET THAT $$$”: 

Christin Says: 'KNOW YOUR ROLE and GET THAT $$$' Control and maintain all corporate solicitation for your chapter including a contact database. Compile and distribute a chapter resume book. Create ‘thank-you’ letters for all corporate contacts. Schedule corporate workshops such as information sessions and plant visits. Assist members with creating neat and professional resumes. Facilitate ALL fundraising. Be PROFESSIONAL AT ALL TIMES!!!!!!!!

Communication between YOU and your CHAPTER: 

Communication between YOU and your CHAPTER Keep your chapter president aware of ALL financial situations. Report important financial information to the CEB. Follow the 48hr email response time. Communicate major financial issues to your Regional counterpart. Inform the CEB of your policies on reimbursements at the beginning of your term. Remain PROFESSIONAL when representing NSBE!!!

Relationships between YOU and your Regional Executive Board: 

Relationships between YOU and your Regional Executive Board The REB is here to serve YOU! Do NOT hesitate to contact your counterpart for advice, instructions, or information. The REB is open to any suggestions and input. The best way to learn is to ask. Keep your counterpart updated on your contact information. Everyone is here to learn and grow in their positions, so make the best out of your NSBE year!!

Monthly Reports: 

Monthly Reports Monthly reports are due on the 10th of every month Content includes: Accomplishments Goals Strategies Works in Progress Contacts Needs/Concerns/Issues The Microsoft Word document with the template of the Monthly Report will be sent to you via e-mail. Please attach the Word document when emailing your Monthly Report

Finance Zone Expectations: 

Finance Zone Expectations Treasurer and Finance Chair should work together on chapter event funding. Be sure to know the budget that the two of you are working with. Use each other to brainstorm on new fundraising ideas. Maintain a high level of professionalism. Remember to be concise and to the point. NSBE is a business on all levels and it should be conducted as such!! Have fun and make the most out of your NSBE leadership experience.


Questions? Contact Info: Christin Taylor Region V Finance Chair ’06-07 504.909.4290 (Sprint) NSBERegionVLuva (AIM)

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