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McNabs Island : 

McNabs Island The Outdoor Classroom


Located at mouth of Halifax Harbour

McNabs and Lawlor Islands Provincial Park: 

McNabs and Lawlor Islands Provincial Park includes all of Lawlor Island and most of McNabs Island Fort McNab National Historic Site of Canada operated by Parks Canada


McNabs Island larger and more diverse 5 km long & 1.5 km wide 400 ha (1000 acres) Lawlor Island 55 ha Not open to the public

McNabs Island : 

McNabs Island historical & natural features recreational & educational opportunities

How to get to McNabs Island: 

How to get to McNabs Island accessible by commercial or private boat from Halifax, Dartmouth, Eastern Passage & Purcell's Cove 25 minutes from downtown Halifax 10 minutes from Eastern Passage

McNabs Island History: 

McNabs Island History Pre-European contact 5000 year-old shell midden (refuse heap) is evidence of Mi’kmaq use of McNabs Island.

French Settlement: 

French Settlement French fishing centre in 1690s plan to build a fortress similar to Louisbourg on McNabs In 1713, French lost mainland Nova Scotia to British, and Fortress Louisbourg built on Cape Breton Island

British Settlement: 

British Settlement In 1749 Edward Cornwallis established Halifax granted most of McNabs Island to his nephews and called the island Cornwallis Island

Cornwallis Island (1750): 

Cornwallis Island (1750)

McNab Family: 

McNab Family In 1782, Peter McNab paid Cornwallis family £1000 for the island

McNabs Family: 

McNabs Family Island was cleared by tenant farmers McNabs clan remained a presence on the island for over 150 years until 1930

McNabs Family: 

McNabs Family McNabs Family Cemetery

McNabs and the Military : 

McNabs and the Military In1860s, British Admiralty bought land from the McNab Family to better defend Halifax Ives Point Battery Fort McNab Hugonin Battery Fort McNab 1880s

Fort Ives: 

Fort Ives Built 1864-74 at north end of McNabs Updated in 1890 and WWI

Fort Ives: 

Fort Ives Rifled Mussel-Loading guns Unique to British fortifications Fired a warning shot in 1915 – landed on a house in Halifax

Fort McNab: 

Fort McNab Fort McNab National Historic Site built 1889-92 most powerful fort to guard Halifax

Fort McNab: 

Fort McNab breech-loading guns only fort in Halifax to fire shots “in anger” at a boat that skipped inspection during WWI

McNabs Island Strategic Importance: 

McNabs Island Strategic Importance During WWI and WWII, island under military control. Controlled access to Halifax Harbour Searchlights on McNabs Island patrolled the Harbour Submarine nets laid between island and mainland

McNabs Island Lighthouses: 

McNabs Island Lighthouses Sherbrooke Tower Built 1820s Martello tower Abraham Gesner First testing of kerosene fuel in 1852

McNabs Island Lighthouses: 

McNabs Island Lighthouses Maugers Beach Lighthouse built 1941 on Sherbrooke Tower site

McNabs Island Residents: 

McNabs Island Residents Most of the northern end of the island remained in private hands Peter McNab IV Cottage 1880s

McNabs Island Residents: 

McNabs Island Residents Fredrick Perrin Hugonin Perrin House 1890s

McNabs Island Recreation: 

McNabs Island Recreation McNabs Island popular recreational destination During the 19th century, thousands attended picnics & socials on McNabs Two popular island fair grounds Recreation continues today

Bill Lynch: 

Bill Lynch 1920s Bill Lynch bought one of the island’s fair grounds Moved fair off island & created Bill Lynch Shows

McNabs Island: 

McNabs Island Recreation today Hiking Beachcombing Bird watching

McNabs Island : 

McNabs Island

McNabs Island Outdoor Classroom: 

McNabs Island Outdoor Classroom Outdoor education for all ages Friends of McNabs Guided tours Discovery Centre Camps

Historical Resources: 

Historical Resources Fort McNab National Historic Site Lynch House Built on foundation of Peter McNab IV cottage

Historical Resources: 

Historical Resources Davis-Conrad House Built by AJ Davis 1917 Home of Gladys Conrad last permanent resident of McNabs Island

Historical Resources: 

Historical Resources Abandoned cabin Innes-Findlay-Farrent homestead

Nature Study: 

Nature Study 8 different terrestrial wildlife habitats Diverse Flora & Fauna Beach Rose

Birds on McNabs Island: 

Birds on McNabs Island 206 species of birds Largest concentration of nesting osprey in North America

McNabs Island: 

McNabs Island Visual resources Year round island experience

McNabs Island: 

McNabs Island Hurricane Juan September 29,2003

Hurricane Juan: 

Hurricane Juan Extensive damage Blowdown Erosion Breach in McNabs Pond

Hurricane Juan: 

Hurricane Juan Breached lighthouse Road

Hurricane Juan: 

Hurricane Juan Lynch House 150 year old Lindens uprooted


Friends of McNabs Island Society

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