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A Pavement Damage Based System For Charging HGVs For Their Use Of Road Infrastructure : 

A Pavement Damage Based System For Charging HGVs For Their Use Of Road Infrastructure Nii Amoo Dodoo and Neil Thorpe School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences Transport Operations Research Group (TORG) University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK Highways: cost and Regulation in Europe 26 – 27 November 2004, Bergamo Italy.

Outline of Presentation: 

Outline of Presentation Introduction and Background Factors Affecting Pavement Damage Overview of Charging System Development of System Results of Initial Trials Conclusions and Next Steps


Background EU transport policy Closer relation between charges and costs HGV Charging Systems Various methods and systems but….

Factors Affecting Pavement Damage: 

Factors Affecting Pavement Damage Vehicle Characteristics Pavement Characteristics Environmental Conditions

HGV Charging Systems: 

HGV Charging Systems

Overview of the System: 

Overview of the System Dynamic Axle Forces GPS Satellites On-Board Unit Cellular Tower Back-Office System Pavement Database Damage Tariff Tables Bill Vehicle position, Dynamic axle forces, distance,speed, date&time Digital Road Map

On-Board System Components: 

On-Board System Components On-board Unit Axle Weighing Unit

Initial Field Trials: 

Initial Field Trials Description of Field Trials Data processing procedure Uploading of recorded data Map-matching vehicle positions Pavement properties of road links Estimation of pavement damage

Map-Matching Vehicle Positions : 

Map-Matching Vehicle Positions

Results from Map-Matching: 

Results from Map-Matching

Pavement Properties of Map-Matched Road Links: 

Pavement Properties of Map-Matched Road Links

Sample of Axle Load Data: 

Sample of Axle Load Data

Results of Initial Trials: 

Results of Initial Trials

Potential Benefits of the System: 

Potential Benefits of the System Improved system for cost recovery Knowledge on the occurrence of pavement damage Improved loading practices A more pavement-friendly HGV fleet

Conclusions and Next Steps: 

Conclusions and Next Steps Data requirements Pavement database, data compatibility Recruitment and equipping of additional HGVs for road trials Evaluation of system and recommendations for future development

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