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AMERICAN SOKOL c/o Bob Kucera 208 W 5th Avenue Naperville, IL 60563     We enjoy publishing this unique news letter. Please feel free to send any information, stories or activities that you think would be good for this publication or the website to or my address of Bob Kucera, 208 W. 5th Avenue, Naperville IL 60563. February 2007 – Issue 0607.2t


Valentine’s Day- is February 14th, cut and trace this cutie valentine to share with your special friend. Which of these objects does not belong? This month is full of love and so is this heart– can you count the number of heart shown here Answer: 51– 50 small hearts and 1 large. Source Counting Practice Fun Fact! Did you know that teachers receive the most Valentines! - Don’t forget to share the love with your favorite Sokol teacher! Source: www.infostarbase. holidays/valentine/facts.html Get Moving! Hey parents get those kids moving. See how many letters and number they can make using only their bodies. This is a great interactive game for kids to begin learning the alphabet and numerals. It’s the perfect balance of play and imagination by imitation. “t”


Your child will have a ball creating these quirky decorations that you can hang around your home for Valentine's Day. Materials Needed: · Pink and red construction paper · Scotch tape · Elmer's glue · Markers · Thin ribbon · Glitter, buttons, other decorative items (optional) What to Do: Step One: Draw and cut out heart shapes from the pink and red paper. Your hearts can range in size from 5 to 10 inches in diameter. Step Two: For each heart you make, cut four 1/2" x 10" strips of construction paper in a contrasting color. For example, for a red heart cut pink paper strips. Step Three: Draw and cut four tiny hearts (approximately 1 inch) to make "hands" and "feet" for your Valentines. Step Four: Bend each strip of paper into an accordion shape. On the back of your heart, tape two of these strips to the bottom for "legs." Tape two strips to the top of your heart for "arms." Step Five: Glue the tiny hearts to the ends of each strip to make "hands" and "feet." Step Six: Draw a face on your Valentine. Use glitter, buttons, or other decorative materials to personalize it. Tape thin ribbon to the back of your Valentine so it will be ready to hang for the big day! Craft Time! Hey parents, here is a fun and quick project for you and your kids to do together. Follow the directions below to create this adorable decoration.


Directions: color in the hidden objects, and mail you entry to AMERICAN SOKOL c/o Bob Kucera 208 W 5th Avenue Naperville, IL 60563. Work quickly, entry deadline is March 31, 2007. Sizing Things Up Hidden Picture- search and find

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