Christmas Customs

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Christmas Traditions: 

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Customs: 

Christmas Customs TEKS 2)  History. The student understands the origins of customs, holidays, and celebrations. The student is expected to: (A)  describe the origins of selected customs, holidays, and celebrations of the community, state, and nation such as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Independence Day, and Veterans' Day Objective The students will learn the differences in the way different cultures celebrate Christmas.

How Different Countries Celebrate : 

How Different Countries Celebrate Decorations Customs Magical Symbols Length of Celebration Gifts Christmas Traditions “Merry Christmas”


Decorations Many countries celebrate Christmas by decorating different kinds of trees. Some countries decorate letters to Santa Some countries lavishly decorate their homes with lights. Decorate a Christmas Tree


Customs Decorating trees Letters to Santa Claus Playing Games Advent Calendar Making Gingerbread houses Giving Gifts Lighting the Menora Letter to Santa Naughty or Nice Good Deeds Calendar

Santas From Around the World: 

Santas From Around the World The person flying the sleigh bringing presents is commonly knows as Santa Claus to most of us. The students will go to the attached link and find 3 different names for Santa Claus from 3 different countries. Santas from around the world Pictures of Santa Santa Quiz Santa Question and Answer Session

Three Most Commonly Celebrated Holidays in December: 

Three Most Commonly Celebrated Holidays in December Christmas is celebrated on December 25 by Christians Kwanzaa is celebrated the 25th of Kislev by African-Americans (African-Americans also celebrate Christmas) Hanukkah is celebrated from December 26th –January 1st or for 8 days by Jews Hanukkah Kwanzaa Christmas


Gifts In many Asian countries children received gifts from Santa even though there Christmas is not generally celebrated. Saint Nicholas Day is celebrated on Dec. 6th in Eastern Europe. Children put a boot by the window on Dec. 5th and it is filled with treats by Saint Nicholas. Naughty children get coal and onions. In the United States children go to bed early on Dec. 24th in hopes of receiving gifts on Christmas morning. Color a Gift


Gifts The Dutch “Sintirklass” arrives by boat on Dec. 6th. Children leave a wooden shoe filled with hay and carrots for the donkey which carries St. Nicholas’ pack of toys. In Italy “La Befana” is a good witch who dresses all in black. Children leave their shoes by the fireplace on the eve of Jan.6th. Befana comes down the chimney on her broomstick to leave gifts. In Germany families go to church on Christmas Eve. While they are at church the “Christkind” or Christ Child brings presents to their home.


Activities/Assessments Use a Venn diagram to compare two or more of the different countries’ customs. Have students write about what they would see and do if they celebrated Christmas in another country. Have students create and illustrate a new “Santa Claus” Have students create their own Christmas Tree


Resources (Games) (Christmas songs) (Games) (Santas from around the world) (Merry Christmas in different languages)

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