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The South China Tiger The Northeastern Tiger There are no more than 400 tigers left in China.


Tigers are in danger. They have become endangered. People kill tigers because they want to sell their fur and use their bones for medicine.


There are few areas left where pandas can live.


Tibetan antelope The beautiful Tibetan antelopes are hunted for their wool.


Malayan sun bear People hunt the Malayan sun bears because they want to eat the meat and use parts of the bear’s body to make traditional medicine.


blue whale






African elephant


snow lepord (eastern Asia)




Skimming Who is Steven Jones? What’s the topic sentence of the second paragraph? What’s the main idea of the last paragraph? An environmental expert A species can become endangered for different reasons. There is a lot we can do to help animals.


Skimming An environmental expert tells us some species are endangered. B. The passage tells us why a species becomes endangered and what we can do to protect endangered plants and animals. C. We must learn to act in ways that do not harm other living things. D. We should help keep animals and plants from being endangered. Read the passage quickly to find the general idea for it. B


Scanning ( T or F ) Human beings always do as they say. 2.It’s late for us to take measures to keep animals and plants from dying out. 3.A species may die out if humans or other animals use too much of a plant or kill too many animals. 4.Planting a tree is a way to creating more space for animals. F F T T


Reading Comprehension How do you understand Steve Jones’ words? Plants and animals are important for our existence. 2. We are responsible for the future of the earth. 3. We should do all we can to take good care of ourselves and our planet. 4. We mustn’t harm other living things and should try to keep animals and plants from becoming endangered. 5. If we continue to endanger animals, we have no future.


Reading Comprehension What causes endangerment? 1. When the habitat of a species is changed or destroyed. 2. If a new species arrive and it’s too strong or uses too much of the resources in the habitat. 3. If humans or other animals use too much of a plant or kill too many animals.


1)Steve Jones is an environmental expert who tries to ______. A. kill animals for their fur and skin B. keep animals at home C. ship the animals to foreign countries D. keep animals and plants from becoming endangered D


2) “They are used to their environment” means that “_________.” They have learned how to live successful in their habitat. Their environment is using them. They cannot change with the environment. Animals can always change with the surroundings. A


3) Animals must have a habitat or home _______. A. which is comfortable and clean B. in which there is enough food and other resources C. things around which will never change D. both A and B D


4) When the habitat of a species is changed or destroyed, the animal or plant has to _________. adapt to the change B. find a new home die D. either A or B 5) To protect animals and plants, we ________. have done enough B. shouldn’t eat animals C. had better not pollute D. do nothing D C


6) Which of the following description of our attitudes to nature is wrong ? To love animals is to love ourselves. There are so many animals and plants that they will never die out. We can plant a tree or build a birdhouse, and though it’s simple, it’s useful. To know more about animals and plants. B


Language points: 1.die out 死绝;消失,消灭 That custom died out years ago. 那种风俗许多年前就消失了。 The lights died out suddenly. 灯突然熄灭了。 die of指死于疾病、衰老、饥饿等 die from则指由于外伤或不注意的原因而 死亡,但from常以of代替。 die of/from/by 因……而死 die of hunger/an illness 饿(病)死 die away(声音、光线、风等)渐弱,渐息


2.endanger vt. (cause danger to sb. or sth. put in danger) 危害,危及,使处于危险中 Smoking endangers your health. The oil spill endangered thousands of birds. The giant panda is an endangered species. 比较:(1) in danger“在危险中,处于危险之中”,常与be连用,强调主语处于某种危险之中。 The old man was knocked down by the motorbike. He was in danger. 那位老人被摩托车撞倒了,处于危险之中。


(2) in danger of“有……的危险”, 后接动名词或动名词短语。 有些鸟有灭绝的危险。 那个人有生命危险。 Some birds are in danger of dying out. The man was in danger of losing his life. (3) out of danger“脱离危险”,常与be连用。 (4) dangerous adj. 危险的 (指对别人构成威胁的) He is out of danger now. It is dangerous to swim in the river.


3.first of all,at first,above all (1)first of all首先,第一(常可单独使用) First of all,we must check the number. 首先,我们要核对一下数目。 (2)at first(=at the beginning)起初, 开始(与later“以后”相对) At first I thought ill of him. 起初我对他的印象不好。


◆all 的其他相关搭配 after all 毕竟,终究 at all (用于否定句)一点也(不);(疑问句)到底 in all 全部,合计 (3)above all首先,最重要的是 (most important of all) We must work hard,and above all we must believe that each of us is able to do something well.


Consolidation By the end of last term, we had learned 1,000 English words _________. A. in all B. at all C. above all D. after all 2. He has done quite well for his age. ________ he is only a boy of not more than fifteen. A. Above all B. After all C. At all D. First of all A B

…the animal or plant has to either adapt to the change or find a new home.: 

…the animal or plant has to either adapt to the change or find a new home. I. become adjusted to new conditions, etc(适应) adapt to sth./ adapt oneself to sth. 1. The children find it hard to adapt to the new school. 2. The plants that are able to adapt to the change of environment will survive. 3. When you are abroad, you must find ways to adapt yourself to the culture and custom there. 4. She adapted herself quickly to the cold weather. 4. adapt


adapt sth. for sb./sth. 改编为,为… 改编 adapt sth. from sth. 由… 改编 1. Novels are often adapted for the stage and television. 2. The play has been adapted for children. 3. The movie was adapted from a novel. 4. The book has been adapted from French. II. To change a book or play so that it can be understood or can be made into a film, TV program. (改编)


1. He has devoted his whole life to science. 2. He devoted all his time to his job. 3. He devoted all his life to searching for gold. 5. devote Professor Stevenson has devoted himself to protecting the milu deer. sth. doing sth.


sth. doing sth. 1. I decide to devote myself to the profession of teaching. 2. Madame Curie devoted herself to the discovery of radium. 3. They devote themselves to fighting against pollution.


I. 献身…的,专心于…的,热心的,专用于的 1. The magazine is devoted to fashion. 2. Three pages of today’s newspaper are devoted to reporting this event. 3. The soldiers are devoted to defending their motherland. 4. Some students are devoted to the study of chemistry. II.忠实的,慈爱的,恩爱的 1. a devoted son/friend/father 2. She is a devoted wife and mother. devoted (adj.)

We may be able to take measures before it is too late.: 

We may be able to take measures before it is too late. 6. measure 1. A meter is a measure of length. 2. An hour is a measure of time. 3. The clothes are made to their measure. UN --- an amount in such a system. (计量单位) a system for calculating amount, size, weight, etc. (尺寸、大小) CN --- take measures 采取措施


1. Mother measured me to see what size of dress I should have. 2. Can you measure the house with this ruler? 3. It is hard to measure his ability. v. --- to find the length, size, or amount of something using standard units. (量)


No area in the world is completely free of air pollution. We must _________to control it. A. take measure B. take measures C. measure D. take care B


7. reduce Reduce, reuse, recycle and respond. 减少,降低,缩小 1. They've reduced the prices in the shop, so it's a good time to buy. 2. I will try to persuade him to reduce the rent. speed pressure cost


There are over 200 ______of fish. Please _____the dog ____coming into my study. 3.Many of the earth’s plants & animals have_______. 4.Our government has_____________ to protect the pandas. 5.Our eyes slowly _________the dark. 6.We can help by creating more______ for animals and plants. 7.What can we do to help__________ animals? species keep from died out taken measures adapted to habitats endangered


keep adapt devote change measure reduce


keep adapt devote change measure reduce Last month I went to my hometown. The great __________ shocked me ! The river wasn’t clean any more. The factories ______ pouring waste water into it. Many fish died because they couldn’t _______ to the changes. What a pity! But the good news is that the government has begun to take __________ and many people are __________ themselves to fighting to _________ the pollution. changes kept adapt measures devoting reduce


Grammar Direct speech Indirect speech Statement 陈述句 “Many of the earth’s plants and animals have already died out.” Mr Jones said. Mr Jones told us that many of the earth’s plants and animals had already died out.


Yes-No Questions 一般疑问句 We asked the professor if/whether there was anything we could do to help protect the environment . “Is there anything we can do to help protect the enviroment?” we asked the professor.


We asked the professor what we could do to keep animals and plants from being endangered. Wh-Questions 特殊疑问句 “What can we do to keep annimals and plants from being endangered?” we asked the professor.


Commands and Requests 祈使句 “Please don’t pollute,” Mr Jones told us. Mr Jones told us not to pollute. General Truth 客观真理 “We are not alone in the world,” Steve said. Steve said that we are not alone in the world.




What did Steve say to us? Steve said,” We are not alone in the world.” “We don’t always do as we say.” 3. “You can plant a tree or build a birdhouse.” 4. “Please don’t pollute the environment.” Steve said that we are not alone in the world. Steve said that we do not always do as we say. Steve said that we could plant a tree or build a birdhouse. Steve asked us not to pollute the environment.

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