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wow wonderful,can i download this

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these are excellent optical illusions...perfect!

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Almost all proofs regarding science are based on observations derived from direct perception of various objects in our surroundings. This presentation questions the ability of the eye by the use of optical illusions. An optical illusion is an image or an object in motion which deludes the eye and appears as some other thing. All optical illusions have been collected from various sources.


In the first optical illusion, we show you a black rectangle with various dots in the centre. You have to decide carefully whether these dots are black in color or white… You will notice that the dots where you focus your eye are white in color and the dots where your eye loses its focus are black…


In this illusion, we show you a set of lines which are drawn on alternate black and white squares, you have to decide whether these lines are parallel or not .. Answer : All these lines are parallel . Although they do not seem to be so…


This is one of the all time favorite optical illusion. It is known as ‘Count the elephant’s legs. You have to count the elephant’s legs in this illusion. This will make you go nuts definitely.


Look at the following board. It says “I love Paris in the springtime” Or does it say “I love Paris in the THE springtime” ???


Look at the following picture. Do you see a face or an Eskimo facing backwards ????


In this optical illusion, do you see a cube missing a corner, or do you see a small cube inside a big cube ?????? You will notice that you see both. When you want to see the missing corner, you see it and when you want to see the small cube inside the big one, you see that too.


In this optical illusion, we show you a cube. Do you see the blue side on the inner left or the outer front ????


In this one, we show you an image of the face of a lady… ` Or, is it a man playing a saxophone ?????


This one too, is an all time favorite. We show you the image of a man’s face. Or, is it two men face to face ?????


The following photograph is of President Bill Clinton and the Vice President Al Gore. Or, is it the same Bill Clinton, in two different hairstyles ?


In the following image, do you see a face ??? Or, do you see the word ‘Liar’ written ???


This one is pretty tough …. Watch the circle in the centre of both the images. The circle on the left is the larger one and the one on the right is the smaller one. Or, are they both of the same size ????


In this one, watch the spiral carefully …… But there is no spiral, these are all concentric circles ……


This one, too is a huge favorite. Stare at the dark dot in the center of the image and the grey shading around it disappears gradually.


In this image, stare at the black bulb for about 30 seconds and then immediately stare at a white paper. You will see a glowing bulb…


In this one, we show you an image made up of four colors. But there are only 3 colors: green, white and pink . There is no red


This one is quite popular. How can the staircase go perpetually up while keeping the person at the same place.


In this one, we show you two concentric circles with a dot in the centre. Watch the dot carefully and move your head forward and backward. You will see the two circles move in opposite directions.


In this one, we show you two parallel lines which do not appear to be parallel.


This is the strangest terrace you will have ever seen.


Are all the soldiers of the same height, or of different heights ?? Ans. : They are all of the same height.

Do you see a rabbit or a duck ???: 

Do you see a rabbit or a duck ???


This last one is quite a favorite. Can you look at all the words in the image and speak out the color in which they are written one by one ????


It is hoped that this presentation will convince you that your eyes cannot be trusted. They can be deluded too. This presentation is brought to you by : The International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

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