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-Music- Savannah Dawson Editing and Transitions Savannah Dawson


Lucy From the beginning of this trailer fade transitions are present when transitioning from the production company logo as well as from the female to the extreme close up of the eye, this makes the shots appear calm which exaggerates the fast paced cuts shown afterwards which suggests confusion in this trailer. Cross cutting is also present in this trailer showing different locations and different times of events. A flash is created through editing during cuts between scenes and shot reverse shot is present when characters are speaking to show they are in conversation. The trailer is devised of a montage of different clips, some often fade to black to suggest danger or a change. A few transitions such as the fades to black last longer than others in order to gain intensity. During this trailer the majority of transitions are fast paced cuts. Through editing only intense, appealing scenes are shown during the trailer. Due to this postmodern film trailers transitions mainly being cuts I will most likely use these often in my trailer and speed up the pace during scenes that are dramatic. I also like the idea of using a fade to black that lasts a few more seconds than the rest as I believe it is effective in emphasising danger or a change. Click on image to lead you to the trailer.


The Purge: Election Year This trailer contains transitions that flash multiple times before cutting to a different shot, this transition makes the trailer seem eerie (which suits the postmodern genre), these transitions vary in pace, they speed up and slow down in a random order which is different, but effect as the plot is disturbing and twisted. Simple cuts begin between scenes that are of shots that aren't of a disturbing nature. Shot reverse shots are present, just like in the ‘Lucy’ trailer, to show conversations and fade to blacks and cuts to black then fade in are shown during this trailer between scenes. Cross cutting to different locations is also evident which is conventional of trailers as you need to show a variety of locations. Fade in and out are shown as well and are in sync with the sound of the music and the length of the transitions vary. From this trailer I have been inspired to use a variety of different transitions in my own trailer, I am definitely going to use cuts as my staple transition as both the trailers I have analysed so far use this most often but I will also include fades and dissolve to black to create my desired effect. As well as this, I will vary the length of the transitions as I believe it is vital when trying to make the audience interested. Lastly, I will include cross cuts between locations when editing to show different shots and events as this is conventional. Click on image to lead you to the trailer.


The Legend of Tarzan This trailer contains a lot of fade to black transitions in sync with the music which makes the scenes dramatic. Cross cutting to different locations is also very noticeable in this trailer and a variety of different locations are shown through the editing. Like the other two trailers the most common transition is a cut, in this trailer the transitions between shots are very short to suggest speed and this then comes to a sudden halt by using a fade to black that lasts a longer length- this creates drama. Once again, a variety of transitions are used throughout depending on the scenes and shot reverse shots are present during conversations again. From this trailer I have gathered very similar information as I did from the previous two. The most common types of transitions in film trailer are cuts, cross cuts, fade to black and fades which vary in pace and length depending on the scenes and desired effect. I will ensure that I use all four of these transitions when editing using Adobe Premier Pro. Click on images to lead you to the trailer.

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