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Statue of Liberty : 

Statue of Liberty Located in the New York HarborThe immigrants that came here from different countries saw the Statue of liberty on their way to New York.In 1865 a French man named Edouard de Laboulaye came up with the idea for the Statue of Liberty.The immigrants were amazed when they saw the Statue of Liberty.

Ellis Island : 

Ellis Island Ellis Island opened on January 1,1892. Before they had Ellis Island they had a temporary system where the Statue of Liberty. Ellis Island is the key to freedom for immigrants. Ellis Island opened in 1892, and sadly it burned to the ground on June 13 ,1897by a spack from the boiler in the cellar. When the immigrants saw The Statue of Liberty they were very happy because they knew they reached the new world! All immigrants had to go through a health check. Now everyone could go to Ellis Island because it’s a museum. The island was named after Sam Ellis. All the immigrants had their name put up on a wall, I have a family member that’s on there. The Statue was the first thing the immigrant saw of the new land. 12 million immigrants were in Ellis Island between 1892 and 1924. As many as 5,000 immigrants were processed a day. It was closed as an immigration station in 1954. Immigrants got health checks to see if they were healthy. At the end of a health the people in charge would write in chalk their condition. Here at Ellis Island their fate would be decided either they will be healthy and stay in New York or they'll have to go home to their home country. .

First Class : 

First Class First class was treated very nicely. They were seated on the top deck of the boat. First class was the best class on the boat.

Second Class : 

Second Class Second class was treated a little less nicer. They were in the middle of the boat. Second class was the second best class.

Third class : 

Third class They were squished. They were at the bottom of the boat. Steerage was the worst class on the boat.

They Came From… : 

They Came From… The immigrants came from… Poland, Russia, Great Britain and more!

What They Went Throw : 

What They Went Throw They had very little money.They had to work hard to get their money.The work was very hard.On boats:There was very little food on the boats, and there was lots of people,on the boats.They were kept on boats for a few extra days because there were suchlong lines at Ellis Land.They oceans were sailing on were dangerous.Family memders leaving:The husband had to leave their wives and children before they came to America.

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