Know how to tweet and drive more traffic to your blog post

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Twitter is one of the most effective social media site to ensure traffic.Here you can get some of the creative ways to tweet and increase traffic to your blogs.Give a click into for further details


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Know how to tweet and drive more traffic to your blog post Presented by: Indian Seo Company


Insert quotes or catchy lines Write catchy lines and quotes from inside the blogs that would attract more readers.Tweets with quotes has proved more efficient.


Make it smart and short The shorter you make,the easier you can tweet.Deliver something snazzy to invoke the reader's mind.


Giving images and videos Expert Seo company adds images and videos to your twitter posts to increase traffic to your blogs.


Use hashtags Hashtags are generally used to highlight the important portion of your post.Other twitter users can easily find your post who are searching on the same topic.


Promote the tweets Promote your tweets to ensure traffic from your target market.You can also use paid tweets which are more efficient.


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