Masjid Al Haram


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Masjid Al Haram is the Holy Holy House of Allah Almighty its has its own importance for Muslims. This presentation has been presented by umrah experts. Which provides the reasonable and economical deals on hajj and umrah packages. For more details please visit our site:


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Masjid Al Haram:

Masjid Al Haram

Masjid Al Haram:

Masjid Al Haram The Holy Haram is the blessed house of Allah Almighty in which millions of Muslims from All over the world offer their Umrah and Hajj.

Hajj :

Hajj Hajj is the sacred religious obligations for the Muslims It’s a great source to seek the forgiveness It will give the new beginning to the Muslims It creates ways of Happiness for the Muslims It gives the eternal satisfaction for the whole life

Prayers at Masjid Alharam:

Prayers at Masjid Alharam There is lots of reward to make the prayers in the House of Allah As you make the prayer in this blessed house of Allah you will get the reward of thousands of prayers. One prayer=reward of hundred thousand prayers.


benefits Spiritual satisfaction Grooming Pleasure of Allah Almighty Respect in society

Achievement of life :

Achievement of life To reach in the house of Allah Almighty is none other than the biggest achievement of life As it is the duty of every Muslim to perform the Hajj once in their life.

Beauty of Haram :

Beauty of Haram The sight of Haram is the real blessing for the believer. Biggest happiness of the life. : This presentation has been presented by

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