School Libraries RIP a practitioner's response

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School Libraries R.I.P. ? A Practitioner’s Response Sarah Pavey MSc FCLIP Box Hill School Surrey, UK

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Mark Steed Principal of Berkhamsted School, Herts , UK. Chair of the Independent Schools Council ICT Strategy Group

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Mass publication from newspapers to novels will be electronic. “The more I think about it, the more I find myself questioning why we are still spending money on books and on the School library..... I am asking myself whether or not we need a School Library and, if we do, what will it look like.” Students would much rather own the text rather than borrow it. Students don't use the reference books, because it is quicker, easier and probably as accurate to use Wikipedia. SO........ Do schools need to provide a lending facility? Do books and information need to be in a printed format?

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What is the School Library ?

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What is the School Library ? What we have ? Chris Meade IfBook

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What is the School Library ? Where it is ?

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What is the School Library ? What we do ?

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Role in Reader Development ?

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Teaching Information Literacy?

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Vision of the Future ?

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School Libraries Dying Transforming

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The Gartner Hype Cycle report shows the emergence of new technologies and tries to predict when they will become mainstream How easy will this transformation between the old and the new be to achieve in your school and how long will it take ? Keeping in tune with the ethos of your school is important for the success of the library service. How do you feel you compromise what you would like to develop in your library because of constraint ? I have been rather outspoken in this presentation about reader development. What balance should there be between reader development, information literacy and resource management in the modern school librarian’s job description ? Three Discussion Questions

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