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The Civil War 1861-1865: 

The Civil War 1861-1865

Mrs. Roy’s 5th Grade Class at North Lewis Elementary in New Iberia, LA created this Historical Scrapbook of the Civil War: 

Mrs. Roy’s 5th Grade Class at North Lewis Elementary in New Iberia, LA created this Historical Scrapbook of the Civil War Armani, DeAndre’, Lyndsey, Maci, Kayla, Becky, Claire, Damian, Alina, Rene’, Tradasha, Sean, Morgan, Zachary, Andrew, Treyvian, Juwan, Avery, Luke, Alexandra, Mandy, T.J., Erin, Alexis, Seth, Joel

Table of Contents: 

Table of Contents Resources Causes Union States/Confederate States Abraham Lincoln/Jefferson Davis Northern Leaders/Generals of South Yankee Surgeon/Confederate Surgeon Spies of the North/Southern Spies Northern Child/Child of the South North Cook’n/Confederate Cook’n Civilian in North/Civilian of South


Musician of Union/Confederate Musician Woman of the North/Women of South Enlisted Soldiers/Soldier of the South Union Reporters/Southern Reporters Union African American life/Confederate African American life Officer of Union/Officer of South


Slavery – The North free labor (paid) versus the South slave labor (unpaid). Ways of life – The North factories versus the South plantations. State’s Rights – North argued no state had a right to secede from the Union versus the South argued a state could leave the Union if it voted to do so. Tariff - Taxes were placed on many Southern goods that were shipped to foreign countries, an expense that was not always applied to Northern goods of equal value

Union States: 

Union States There were 23 states which remained loyal to the Union during the war: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. The Union counted Virginia as well, and added Nevada and West Virginia. It added Tennessee, Louisiana, and other rebel states as soon as they were reconquered. The territories of Colorado, Dakota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Washington also fought on the Union side.

Confederate States (States that seceded from Union): 

Confederate States (States that seceded from Union) Alabama Arkansas Florida Georgia Louisiana Mississippi North Carolina South Carolina Tennessee Texas Virginia


Abraham Lincoln was President of the United States during the Civil War from 1860-1865. As president he was also the Commander-in-chief of the Union Army. In 1863 he issued the Emancipation Proclamation which declared that all slaves in the Confederate States would be free. This helped end slavery in the United States. He wanted to honor all the soldiers who had lost their lives in the war so he gave a great speech called the Gettysburg Address. Photos: Tim Harrison & The Snuff Works, 1999 – 2003,


Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederate States of America. He was the Commander-in-chief of the Confederate Army. He delivered his First Inaugural Address in Montgomery, Alabama on February 18, 1861. Davis remained passionately committed to the cause of the Confederacy, and advocated continuing the struggle right up until his capture near Irwinville, Georgia while fleeing capture by the Federal authorities on May 10, 1865. Photo: Photo: http://www.mill Top Photos:


Northern Leaders Gen. Grant Gen. Phil Sheridan Gen. Custard Sharp Alexis M.


General James Long Joseph E. Johnston Albert Sidney Johnston j Luke General Lee


June 4 1861 I’m a Yankee surgeon working hard. I received 3 semesters of 13 week of medical school. There is much to do. I hardly sleep. I hear gun shots all night. Most of my time is mainly have to amputate body parts. I also have to rub morphine on more people wounds.There are so many disease like snake bit, yellow fever, and small pox. We have lost 110,070 died in battle. We have many people by disease Juwan


May 12,1862 I am a confederate surgeon working very hard this day. It is my day after 3 semesters of 13 weeks at medical school. Those long 2 years has finally left me here on the battle field. My assistant and I have already had to do amputations, give morphine, and remove bullets from skin and bones. Some of the major diseases are hypothermia, bacteria, snake bite, yellow fever, measles, typhoid fever, pneumonia, gonorrhea, small pox, malaria, bronchitis, scurvy, and diarrhea. So far 164,000 soldiers have died from disease. Many have died from being enlisted. We counted 1,317,035 from this. And 94,000 have died in battle. Most of our diseases are caused by filthy areas. If we had more surgeons maybe we could prevent these soldiers from being in pain and from dieing. There are not a lot of hospitals at all. In our field of medical surgeons, we have counted 4,000. While our spy counted 10,000 in the north. I hope this war is over soon because I can’t take it any more! Transportation method Andrew


Belle Boyd Antonia Ford Spies of the North There are many different types of communication such as, Photography, Newspapers and Artist Sketches, Telegraph and Signal Towers. They also have famous spies, and a lot of them. There names are Sarah Bradiee Fulton, Emily Geiger, Belle Boyd, Antonia Ford, Nancy Hart, Mata Hari, Elizabeth Van Lew, Edith Cavell, and Virginia Hall. They also have two types of codes, the Mores code and the Cipher Disk. The Mores code is a bunch of dots and dashes that they back during the Civil War for a secret code. Look to the side for an ex. -….. -.-.----…-…-..--. .--…-…-.. .--.--.-.-.- --.--.-- .--------- .-- ..-.---.-.- .---.--.-.-.-…----. .-.-.-- -.-----..-.-. -.-.---..-.--…. The Confederates will attack May 10th at Fort Jackson, arm your troupes. Joel


Rose O’Neal Greenhow Pauline Cushman Maci Journal The spies of the south use different kinds of communication such as photography, newspapers and artist sketches ,and signal towers.Also there re secret codes. Two of them are the cipher disk and Morse code. Spies were used to secretly look at the Union to find out what they were doing. Some of the spies were Emeline Pigott and Pauline Cushman. Morse Code .-. .--- .-- -.-. --- --. .-. --. -… . .-. ..- -.. -.-- enemy coming be ready


My name is John W. Morgan. I would play the drum as the Union Cavalry rode into town. I gave them cherries from a tree branch. It was very dangerous. There was bullets flying, and Artillery shells booming. It was freaky. Morgan


Hi my name is Richard Wood. I’m just 11 years old, but I’m in the Civil War. Since I’m too young to carry a gun, I tended the wounded and dying. I’ll go to Virginia and bury the dead southern soldiers. Right now I’m scared because the northern soldiers see me, They’ll shoot me. So, I must hide and spy on the battle, which I think it’s called espionage. Rene`


Traditional Sallie Lunn 1 cup of milk 2 tbsps of shortening ½ oz of active dry yeast 3 cups of flour ½ tsp of salt I egg tbsp of sugar Mix let stand for 1-1 ½ hr. cook for 45 min. at 365 Cookies 1 cup of butter 2 cups of sugar ¾ cup of milk 5 cups of flour 1 tsp of baking powder Nut meg for taste Mix together cook for 20 min. at 375 A Northern Civil war lunch 1.Salted pork 2.Jam 3.Water 4.Apples or peaches 5.Rice Alexandra A bag soldiers used to carry food or supplies in. Fruits keep Union soldiers Healthy.


A civil war lunch consists of Johnnie cakes, salted beef, molasses, dried peas, and tea. A harversack is a bag that soldiers in both the Union and the Confederate to carry food and belongings. Soldiers ate a lot of fruit to stay healthy and keep their body strong. Soldiers ate Johnny cakes on a regularly basesfor food. Johnny cakes are dry, dry cornbread muffins. Pumpkin Bread 1 cup pumpkin mash 2 cups flour 3/4 cup sugar 1/2 tsp. Grated nutmeg 2 eggs mix the eggs and pumpkin together Then mix the rest together Fold together well and put in a 9x5 loaf pan Bake in a moderate oven for an hour at 350 degress Johnny cakes 1/2 cup yellow cornmeal 4 eggs 1 cup flour 1 pinch of salt 2 Tbsp. Milk 3 Tbsp. Softened butter mix pour in 9x9 in. pan Cook 15-20 min. at 375 degress Avery


I am a civilian woman named Ms. Kay. I will tell you about life in the 1860’s. The type of economy we had was commercial market economy and free labor. Our trading systems were shipping, brokerage, insurance and other financial mediation for the trade centered in the north. We transported goods by the northern farmers who also depended upon exports, early railroads, desired reduced tariffs on imported iron. Our currency was demand notes, redeemable coins on demand in green color, and legal tender notes. This is how currency changed in the war. It changed from demand notes to legal notes. Kayla Malbrough


In 1860 the civil war had started . They had an agrarian_ based economy. They depend on slavery. They expired a lot of cotton and to a lesser extend , tobacco and sugar cane. Local foods included grains, hogs,cattle and gardens. There were $155 millions of manufactured food from the 11 states in 1860 Mandy


Music is important to every day life because It gives entertainment, it was a way to give voice to feelings that words along can not express. The bands were needed to play in parades,formations,dress parades,and concerts with drums a fife and in the infantry band they made there own instruments WHEN JOHNNY COMES MARCHING HOME by Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore When Johnny comes marching home. Let love and friendship on that day, Hurrah! Hurrah! Their choicest treasures then display, Hurrah! Hurrah! And let each one perform some part To fill with joy the warrior's heart, And we'll all feel gayA When Johnny comes marching home. When Johnny comes marching home again, Hurrah! Hurrah! We'll give him a hearty welcome then, Hurrah! Hurrah! The men will cheer, the boys will shout, The ladies they will all turn out, And we'll all feel gay When Johnny comes marching home. The old church bells will peal with joy, Hurrah! Hurrah! To welcome home our darling boy, Hurrah! Hurrah! The village lads and lassies say With roses they will strew the way, And we'll all feel gay Whn Johnny comes marching home. Get ready for the Jubilee, Hurrah! Hurrah! We'll give the hero three times three, Hurrah! Hurrah! The laurel wreAath is ready now To place upon his loyal brow, And we'll all feel gay By: Lyndsey


They were speacail because it would show that they were doing something spcific. Certain kinds of music was played at a certain time At a time of the day the music would be high and at another it would be low . They would also play in bands and in parades The Battle Cry of Freedom by George F. Root Yes, we'll rally round the flag, boys, we'll rally once again, Shouting the battle cry of Freedom, We will rally from the hillside, we'll gather from the plain, Shouting the battle cry of Freedom. (Chorus) The Union forever, Hurrah! boys, hurrah! Down with the traitors, Up with the stars, While we rally round the flag, boys, Rally once again, Shouting the battle cry of Freedom. We are springing to the call of our brothers gone before, Shouting the battle cry of Freedom, And we'll fill our vacant ranks with a million freemen more, Shouting the battle cry of Freedom. (Chorus) We will welcome to our numbers the loyal, true and brave, Shouting the battle cry of Freedom, And although they may be poor, not a man shall be a slave, Shouting the battle cry of Freedom. (Chorus) So we're springing to the call from the East and from the West, Shouting the battle cry of Freedom, And we'll hurl the Rebel crew from the land that we love best, Shouting the battle cry of Freedom. (Chorus) By Damian


Hi I’m Mary Todd Lincoln,I am famous for writing speeches ,I also got married to Abraham Lincoln. I live in Springfield Illinois. My troubles were guns. I could have got shot during a play. My routines were reading to soldiers. I had four children,and I died when I was 90. Tradasha


Clara Barton was a woman who lived in Borden town, New Jersey during the Civil War , she had to face problems and help wounded soldiers. One thing she was famous for was that in 1881 she established The American Red Cross, and served as its director until death. During, the war she had jobs such as helping with the effort to identify 13,000 unknown Union soldiers at horrific prison –of-war camp at Adersonville,Ga. Even though she was a women there was many dangers around her such as bullets flying through the air and sometimes touching her clothing. Claire


Soldiers The Union and Confederate flag ENLISTED SOLDIERS Dear, Mom I miss you very much,Yes,I’m O.K, but the only thing is that we have war everyday.And the food we eat cornbread and we eat tobacco.Yes,mom we chewed on tobacco.Other men gambled and got drunk I just stayed cool.The flag was the American flag.The flag looks like a rectangle with red and white strips and stars.We wore a uniforms that included Fatigue Blouse light weigh wool coat and an inside pocket with four brass buttons.The weapons we used was a cannon rifle. Treyvian


Dear Family: It is pretty hard out here. We are wearing short waist tek jacket, trousers, caps, and light cotton or flannel underwear. Some of the guys are sitting and playing cards but not me. One of those Yankee almost shot me. Do you know we have muskets and swords? A doggobber shot one of the soldiers and he died today of a leg injury. All of the guys just sat there and drank whiskey and sometimes beer. I really want this war to stop soon. Most of the men are getting drunk and gambling like the war is not even going on. I will be home soon to see you. Hope you get this letter soon. Love, Sean


The Shiloh Battle, or Pittsburg Landing, was a one day battle in Hardin County between General Grant and General Buell fighting for the Union and General Johnston and General Beauregard fighting for the Confederate. It took place on April 6-7, 1862. General Johnston planned on attacking General Grant on April 4, but attacked on April 6. He surprised the soldiers he was supposed to fight. The Confederacy lost because the Union combined with other forces. The battle of Antietam, or Sharpsburg, was fought between Major General George B. McClellan of the Union and General Robert E. Lee of the Confederate. This battle took place between September 16-18, 1862. General Lee’s army in Sharpsburg, Maryland was confronted by General McClellan. Lee’s left flank was experienced a powerful attack when Hooker’s Corps attacked. September 17 was considered to be the single most bloodiest day in American military history. The result of this battle was a Union strategic victory. The battle of Vicksburg was an eighteen day battle in Warren County between General Grant, Union, and Lieutenant General Pemberton, Confederate.This battle began on May 18, 1863, and ended on July 4, 1863. General Grant’s armies came together on Vicksburg, investing the city and entrapping a Confederate army under Lieutenant General Pemberton’s control. On July 4, Vicksburg surrendered after prolonged siege operations. With the loss of Pemberton’s army, in this important stronghold on the Mississippi River, the Confederacy was split in half. The reason of this battle was because General Grant took his army to Vicksburg. The result of this battle was another victory for the Union states. Gen. Robert E. Lee Gen. Ulysses S. Grant Confederate Flag


The battle of Gettysburg was a three-day battle in Adams County between General Meade of the Union, and General Lee of the Confederate. The battle started on July 1, 1863, when the Confederate forces focused on the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, driving Union defenders back through the streets to Cemetery Hill. During the night, reinforcements arrived for both sides. On July 2, 1863, General Lee tried to envelop a Union army, first striking the left flank at Peach Orchard, Wheat Field, Devil’s Den, and the Round Top’s with Longstreet’s and Hill’s divisions, and then attacking the Union’s right flank at Culp’s and East Cemetery Hills with Ewell’s divisions. During the morning of July 3, 1863, the Confederate infantry were driven from their last toe-hold on Culp’s Hill. The Union won with an estimated 23,000 losses. This battle of Chattanooga was a small, but big fight between General Braxton Bragg of the Confederate and Major General Ulysses S. Grant of the Union. In November 23-25, 1863, the battle was taking place. An attack was laid to the Union army by General Braxton’s soldiers, cutting off the supplies of Major General Rosecran’ s army. On November 23 and 24, the Union struck, capturing Orchard Knob and Lookout Mountain. This battle all took place in small Hamilton County, and Chattanooga, Tennessee. This small, but active battle was won by the Union. The battle of Petersburg, or the battle of Old Men and Young Boys, was fought on June 9, 1864, in the city of Petersburg, Virginia. Major General Quincy Gillmore of the Confederate and General P.G.T. Beauregard of the Union. Major General Benjamin Butler sent about 4,500 soldiers to fight against the small amount of only 2,500 Confederate defenders of Petersburg. After the fighting, Butler dropped out of the battle. This battle was won by the Confederate army. Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy Abraham Lincoln, President of the Union


The South Reporter’s Robert E. Lee leads confederate into victory 3 times. On May 31,1864 Sheridan’s cavalry seized the vital crossroads of old cold harbor. Early on JUNE 1, relying heavily on their new repeating carbines and shallow entrenchment's Sheridan’s troopers threw back an attack by confederate in fantry. Near chancellorsville on April 30th and May first the III corps was ordered to john the army via united states, at 5:20 p.m. Jackson line surged forward in an over wheeling hooker adopted a defensive posture, thus giving Lee the initiative at chanllorsville, Hooker with drew a mile and entrenched the defensive with his back to a river. Seth and Erin


Seth and Erin


The Fugitive Slave Law made me happy because my family was free and all slaves.So I started protesting to let all slaves to bee free I went to war for freedom. Childhood: Playing and Learning Freedom: Speech For Freedom Adult Slave: Rights for Blacks War experiences: seeing people die Deandre’


The Fugitive Slave Act affected me during the war by , because abolitionist liked it. They had a hard time trying to rescue other slaves, but they was sacrificing their own lives trying to help other slaves. If I had a choice to fight in the war I wouldn’t , because I would want to live my life longer and enjoy it. Armani


i i i i i I i The night of April 13, Gen. Grover ordered the division to cross Bayou Tech and ready an attack Franklin in the morning. The fighting was intense. The Yankees attacked. The Diana arrived and anchored in the confederate right flank. Zachary


Gen. Ben Franklin battlers army began landing in New Orleans. In the largest city the confederate had fallen. T.J. X X X X X X


North Lewis Fifth Grade

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