What Is The Need Dynamic Compilation In Asp.Net Development


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If you modify a source file in development of ASP.NET, dynamic compilation automatically recompiles the file and updates all linked resources


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Features Changes Cloud ready deployment Cross platform runtime Support for dependency injection Host agnosticism Unified core framework GruntJS and NPM support Simplified configuration Tag helpers Dynamic compilation

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Cloud Ready Deployment  Self contained core runtime  Multiple ASP .NET applications can be deployed side by side on the same host but configured and updated separately.

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Cross Platform Runtime  You can easily run asp.net apps on Linux as well as iOS platform.  Core CLR is cross platform and open source with ports for Windows Linux Mac OS X and free BSD.

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Support For Dependency Injection  Services which have dependencies should register in the container  Avoid static access to services  DI is for objects that have complex dependencies

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Host agnosticism  It is a great new feature that not only eliminates the dependencies on the legacy System.Web namespace but boosts application responsiveness to a considerable extent in asp.net development process.

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Unified core framework  Unified programming model means you can build applications that leverage MVC Web API and web pages without the need to reconcile differences in the three frameworks.

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GruntJS NPM Support  Grunt is a JavaScript task runner that automates script minification TypeScript compilation code quality tools CSS pre-processors etc.  The Node Package Manager is fully integrated with Visual Studio to provide a more natural user workflow.

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Simplified configuration  You have no longer need to use the Web.config file for storing your configuration values.  You can deploy your app in the cloud and use a Startup.cs file in asp.net development.

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Tag Helpers  Enable preprocessing of HTML attributes with server-side content.  Tag helpers are the new way to enable dynamic rendering in asp.net.

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Dynamic Compilation  ASP .NET dynamic compilation enables you to modify source code without having to explicitly compile the code before you deploy your Web apps.  You can extend the ASP .NET build system by creating custom build providers for new file types that are called during compilation.

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