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Sanza Healthcare System is the world’s first and leading multi-therapy health care system curated for the whole family. The only company in the market to use combined bio frequency (TENS), pulse electro-magnetic fields (PEMF), and laser therapy to ensure wellness of the whole body- physically, mentally, and emotionally.


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PowerPoint 演示文稿: HOLISTIC WELLNESS A Sanza Innovation Sanza is the leading producer of non-invasive, chemical-free medical devices that provides an effective treatment option at an affordable price

PowerPoint 演示文稿: What is Sanza? Sanza Healthcare System is manufactured by utilizing a patented technology that is based on Tesla Medicine. Sanza provides medical devices that are approved as Class II Medical Device in Europe.

PowerPoint 演示文稿: The Sanza Story The first patented multi-therapy health care system in the world Only company to provide combined Pulse electro-magnetic fields (PEMF), bio-frequency and laser therapy Affordable treatment options for whole body well-being

PowerPoint 演示文稿: Why Sanza? our user-friendly touchscreen device offers easy treatment selection Multiple therapies in one device Easy to use Laser, Helmholtz, and Bio-frequency applicators combined with PEMF Patented PEMF envelope wave provides better delivery and quicker energizing effect. Bio frequency current enhances vitality and invigorates the immune system with 8 specialized pre-programmed chips Choose Sanza because

PowerPoint 演示文稿: Sanza can be Used in Hospitals and clinics Pain management centres (i.e. rehabilitation, physiotherapy, sports therapy, etc) Stress and mental health clinics Spa and wellness centres Veterinary clinics Alternative healthcare professionals (i.e. chiropractor, naturopaths, etc) Senior healthcare centres (treatment for Alzheimer, Parkinsons, etc)

PowerPoint 演示文稿: The Sanza Support Experienced medical hotline doctor One-on-one training via Skype Technical support and service team for any troubleshooting assistance Each product comes with a two-year warranty Support is provided by Sanza through

PowerPoint 演示文稿: Connect with The Sanza Team Connect with Us & Get Access to Holistic Health Care Sanza Healthcare Technologies. 7955 Torbram Road, Unit 16. Brampton, Ontario, Canada L6T 5B9 Telephone : +1 226 484 6020 E-mail : Canada Office Sanza Healthcare Technologies. Unit No - 105 JMD Pacific Square 32nd Milestone, Sector 15 Gurugram, Haryana 122001 Telephone : +91 9810136604 E-mail : India Office

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