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Welcome to WiZiQ, the new age education platform. Here we give a do-it-yourself guide to help you enjoy a fulfilling learning experience on WiZiQ.


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<![CDATA[ Welcome to WiZiQ the new age education platform ]]>

Do-it-yourself guide for WiZiQ Learners: 

<![CDATA[ Do-it-yourself guide for WiZiQ Learners]]>


<![CDATA[ Keyword search to find a teacher for any grade, subject and topic Search by WiZiQ ID if you know a teacher’s WiZiQ ID Local search to search the teacher in your city Search for your Teacher 1 ]]>


<![CDATA[ View teachers’ profiles to know more about them Tell them what you want to learn Get your session scheduled with the teacher Contact the teacher 2 ]]>


<![CDATA[ 2-way audio and chat communication with your teacher Use the Whiteboard to write and draw Share documents like PowerPoint, PDF etc. in the session Learn from home 3 ]]>


<![CDATA[ wiziq.com]]>

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