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Nylon Plastic Polyester Glass Wood Sand Rock Stone Clay Metal Water cotton Natural materials Materials Man made materials All things are made up of materials. Materials may be natural , or man-made


Natural Resources Things that we get from environment are called natural resources. Wood, Sand, Rock, stone, Clay, Metal and Water are the main Natural resources available for us All these things come from environment


WOOD WOOD comes from trees.


WOOD is a useful natural resource As I’ve sai d before, all wood comes from trees. Wood is used in making houses, making doors and windows etc. . Wood is also used in making furniture like chairs, tables, desks, sofas and beds etc. Another very important use of wood is in making paper. All sorts of paper is formed from wood.




Rocks of the earth go on changing. These changes take place due to the environmental conditions such as wind, rain, When the rocks break they give rise to big and small stones. The stones are used in many things such as in making roads, pavements, railway tracks, bridges and buildings.


SAND SAND is found near seashore and in deserts; It is also found in soil. Sand is formed from broken bits of rocks.


CLAY Clay is a very fine-grained soil that is plastic when moist but hard when fired


METALS, MINERALS Metals such as iron, gold, copper, zinc etc. are dug out of earth. They are a part of rocks. Many other minerals in the form of salts, such as common salt (that we use in food), are also obtained from earth.


WATER Water is yet another very important natural resource. It is present in large and small water bodies on Earth. Most of Earth’s water is found in oceans. In fact 3/4 th of our Earth is water, while only 1/4 th is land. Water is most essential for all life. Plants and animals cannot live without water.


Swimming Cooking Washing Drinking Water is essential for all living things. Our bodies need a lot of water. Water is used for drinking, cooking, washing , swimming etc.

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